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The saga of my kitchen’s transformation from meh to yay continues with…




After hanging up the new curtains a couple of months ago, I couldn’t help but think it needed just a little bit more of something…so I wrote Melody an email suggesting that if she were, say, to create some wall decals of the happy dishes for Spoonflower and put them in the Melody Miller Spoonflower shop, I would have no choice but to buy them and hang them on my kitchen wall. She happily obliged me. I’m sure it helps that we are BFFs IRL* (Melody will be one of the teachers along with me at Camp Stitchalot this May. There are still some spots open if you want to come and join us!!). OK, I may be exaggerating a little. It’s more likely due to the fact that she is one of the sweetest human beings on the planet. But still. Aren’t they fun?


Melody’s Ruby Star Sparkle fabric line was one of my top three at Quilt Market last fall (for my other top fabric picks and more of my juicy QM opinions, you’ll have to check out the interview I did for Love Quilting and Patchwork magazine in their spring issue…if you are lucky enough to get your hands on it. It’s getting scarce!). And now I get to look at these lovely cheerful dishes every day. YAY!!!


I purchased the decals on one large sheet (the 30″ size — you can find them here) and, while it did take a bit of time to cut them out, it wasn’t too bad. I used an X-ACTO knife on my cutting mat, which worked very nicely. You can see a glimpse of the cutting process in this Instagram photo. I think I heard somewhere that Spoonflower plans to cut them out for you eventually, but I’m not sure when or whether that will ever happen. It might just be a baseless rumor. Once the decals were cut out they were easy to place; one thing I like about them is that they are not only reusable but easily removable, so you can stick them up and then move them around until they are exactly where you want them.

If you want some of Melody’s wall decals or wallpaper for your very own, you can find them all in her Spoonflower shop. I’m currently trying to convince Mr Rae that we need a dining room wall covered with the viewmasters. Tell me that would not be AWESOME.

*BFFs IRL = Best Friends Forever In Real Life

22 thoughts on “More happy kitchen

  1. great kitchen.
    we live in a rented house, so no re-decorations here. Sigh.
    Invite me over for a coffee, some day 🙂

    PS just made two more flashback skinny tees these days – I <3 this pattern!

    • T: Actually, we rent too — which is why I’m loving the wall decal thing; easy to pick up and move when we need to! 🙂

  2. Those are seriously rockin’ decals! I thought I was over the decal trend, but I’m reconsidering now. Damn it! I’m supposed to be moving soon!

  3. I LOVE the Viewmasters/viewfinder….yes, that would be an awesome room!!! I have sewn myself a bag from the viewfinders (an Amy Butler pattern that I use as a diaper bag/purse combo), as well as a small phone holder from the same fabric. LOVE it! I just got a new phone and found this company that does custom and stock design hard cases and skins for phones etc…. THEY HAVE the Viewmasters design!!! I about peed my pants…I’m ordering it for sure 🙂 –they aren’t even that expensive! (and there are more Melody Miller designs available from them) Just thought I would share!

  4. That is a happy kitchen! Bright, cheery, & welcoming! That light above the sink is AWESOME!!! Your kitchen will be my inspiration when I get ready to tackle mine.

  5. Rae, this off topic and related to the weekend sewing camp coming up. I live about 40 minutes north of the site in the Lansing area, but I’m not able to spend the night. Would it be possible to participate, but not sleep over?


    • Hi Tameka,

      Pink Castle has had a few requests like this — unfortunately the cost of staying over is minimal compared to the cost of renting the space, paying teachers, and providing the brunch and dinner meals…so the cost of going for the day isn’t significantly less. You could certainly purchase a space in the workshops and stay at home? But Pink Castle hasn’t been offering “day passes” because the cost is not significantly less. I can keep you posted though!

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