Piping improves everything.

I mentioned my love of piping yesterday, but I think it’s worth revisiting. I love the way piping instantly makes something more snazzy and profesh, like the little collared shirt for Elliot that I posted yesterday. I’ve used piping on little backpacks, pants, on my own clothing, and on purses. In fact, I think I will boldly say that I have NEVER seen a sewn item that piping did not improve. Which brings me to my fourth (and final, at least for this round of CTB) rule when it comes to sewing for boys:


Piping has been popping up a lot lately in the Celebrate the Boy Flickr group. Here are some of my favorite piping pics from the pool:


I cannot even believe how much these overalls rock. There are many more photos of these amazing overalls (above) on Mamasha’s blog here.


Bright red piping offers great contrast for these black and white cars!


Top Left: lange benen. Top Right: Elastische paspel. Bottom Left: postbodejacob1. Bottom Right:  Jacob in ‘t oker.


Left:  achterkant. Middle: Kabouterhemd. Right: glazend biesje.

La Inglesita blogged about this outfit here:



Left: Blue Coat. Right: Pants (blogged here).

This adorable coat has a dedicated blog post here.
jasje voor zoon

And while we’re loving the yellow piping, this playsuit is just about too cute for words:

Oliver+S Playsuit

piping mosaic!

Top Left and Bottom: Orange Piping. Top Right: Green Pants.

*(Thanks to Dana for letting me use her checked shorts for the “Piping improves everything” button!)

The photos in this post came from the Celebrate the BOY Flickr group. Feel free to join the group and share your photos too!

This post is part of Celebrate the BOY, a series of boy sewing posts hosted by me and Dana of MADE. Check out my Celebrate the BOY archives for more boy sewing posts.  Here’s what we’ve done so far:

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Celebrate the BOY 2013

12 thoughts on “Piping improves everything.

  1. I think we have a crush for netherlands sewing’s blog. I have!!. Even bought the Jacob, but is hard translate it. The other great pattern is Charlie from Mamasha too. I translated but not sewing yet.

  2. You inspired me to attempt piping again! I made some pants for one of my twins last night with piping around the pockets, and the details had to keep coming! Ha, I was convince I liked ‘quick easy,done.’ Projects BUT I’m converted, in sewing my second pair up right now! With surprise fabric lined pockets and stitch detail on the bum pockets! Am loving the satisfaction of completing something with some much love and time put into it!

  3. Love this roundup, happily surprised that my green trousers are featured. First time ever that I’ve been featured *happy face*, thank you so much

  4. ohmygosh, you are completely right. I feel like I just had a universe moment. Piping makes boys clothes awesome. *runs to sewing room*

  5. wonderful roundup as always. Btw, I love the “rules” you chose. Great way to do categorize your stuff. Totally fun.

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