Some sites that make me smile

Happy Monday, everyone!!! It’s Elliot’s birthday today! Want to see the cake I made him?

Birthday Cake for Elliot's big 6 (Guido is his favorite Cars character)

He loves Guido. We had a fun birthday party yesterday with family: lots of presents and food and attention, so it was a bit hard for him to go to school today.

I’m currently knee-deep in pant pattern production, so I don’t have much to show for myself, sewing-wise (except for piles of pant samples. Do you want to see those? Might be kind of boring…), but last night I found five minutes to read some blogs, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you. I think these will make you smile!

Matsutake – Katie is a DIY queen who always, ALWAYS makes me laugh. I am always amazed with the projects she comes up with; the woman just made her own faux FIREPLACE, for crying out loud.Β Her assistant, Ms Norwood, is her cat. I am guaranteed to laugh until I cry whenever I read her blog.

The Selfish Seamstress – Elaine only sews if it’s for herself, and her self-deprecating writing style is toootally funny. Meanwhile she’s sharing free patterns and awesome garments she’s made. The Kate Spade faux fur pullover knockoff is her latest (hilarious) freebie. Another one that gives me sideaches from laughter.

Joy the Baker – I think Joy is one of the happiest bloggers out there. She’s big-time (huge audience, currently writing her second cookbook), but her voice is so authentic and down-to-earth, you feel like you’re talking over coffee. I hardly ever have the time to make anything from cooking or food blogs, but the pictures are amazing, and it’s a really enjoyable read.

Dinner, A Love Story – This blog is dedicated to making family dinner happen, a concept that we fully embrace at our house. I asked for the cookbook for my birthday after trying out a number of the online recipes and realizing they were becoming regulars in the dinner rotation. There are tons of great recipes on the site, and Jenny is an awesome writer to boot.

You and Mie – I absolutely must mention Cherie’s blog because today is the first day of her Japanese Pattern Book series that goes on all this week. If you’ve ever wanted to sew from a Japanese pattern book, or don’t even know what that means, be sure to check it out! Also: Cherie’s little one is quite possibly the most adorable child you will ever lay eyes upon.

OK, so what are your favorite places to visit online right now? Dish, dish!!!

Some other updates…

We’re offering two new pattern bundles in the shop right now: the Charlie Dress and Tunic patterns together ($1 off), and both Flashback Tee patterns, sizes 12 mo -5 y and 6-14 y together, for 20% off!Β You can find them all in the pattern shop.

19 thoughts on “Some sites that make me smile

  1. Ooo. These look good. I just saved them to look through later. Hm…I like Smitten Kitchen for food. I save those recipes for when I want to try just a little harder (that doesn’t happen too often; don’t worry). I really, really like Male Pattern Boldness…really funny, lots of sewing, and thought-provoking questions. I like Anna Maria Horner’s blog, too. She doesn’t post often, but when she does, it’s always good. Natalie Chanin’s blog is cool, too. Actually, I’m in a phase where I think everything she does is cool…and why don’t we know one another? She’s probably looking for me. πŸ™‚ Happy birthday to Eliot, by the way. πŸ™‚

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIOT!!! And happy becoming-a-mama day to you, Rae. Fun links. πŸ™‚ Oh I love Four Square Walls very much for adult lady sewing and witty writing about it.

  3. Happy Birthday to Elliot! Sounds like his day was as happy as he makes us with his photos! πŸ˜€ Good job on the cake!

    Two of my favorite places to read are 3 Hours Past and Cation Designs. 3 Hours always has some new great information and Cation can make the most mundane things seem funny.

    I’m off to check out the places you mentioned! Japanese sewing books…

  4. awww….happy birthday to your boy. we’re fans over here as well. love a nice list of blog recommendations, because i definitely need more reasons to procrastinate…

  5. Are you drafting Lady pants or kid pants? Oh I hope its lady pants. I think some nice wide leg trousers would go so cute with the Washi top.

    Just sayin . . .

  6. Rae, I love reading your blog for your humour and turn of phrase…I don’t really sew, but am inspired by your makes, fabric choices, etc – and would love to give it a go sometime. I keep saying this on your comments, I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it :p
    I’m completely in love with your fox print from Spoonflower by the way, but won’t buy it until I have an idea for what to do with it…

    I love Attic 24, for the colour combinations and crochet projects, something I actually CAN do!! I’ve occasionally been inspired by other projects too – mostly Painting Stuff and Sticking Things.

  7. My daughter turned 6 on March 25th too! I really enjoy your blog. I’m in western MI, so I hear you about Spring FINALLY arriving!

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