Spring cleaning: attack of the patterns

A couple of weeks ago I made a guest appearance on the Pink Castle blog for their Spring Cleaning series with a post about how I organize all my patterns, especially the printouts and tracings that can really pile up in my sewing room over time.


I also talk about tracing patterns with Swedish tracing paper, something that I highly recommend. Head over to the Pink Castle blog to read all about it!

8 thoughts on “Spring cleaning: attack of the patterns

  1. Great post over there. Sorry if this is a silly question, but do you use a tracing wheel with your tracing paper, a sort of perforated one, or a pen or pencil? I wonder what you find to be most efficient/useful. Thank you!

    • Hi Kari,

      Not a silly question at all!! I use a pencil to trace over the pattern — I also want to try the colored wax tracing paper with a wheel sometime — I think that might be faster but this works really nicely for storing the tracings because it’s so light and portable.


  2. Your storage solution is soooo similar to mine. I use Banker’s Boxes rather than a filing cabinet at the moment. The difference is that I keep all sizes of the same pattern together, but labeled and in order of the size. I do this because I have quite a few patterns where some pieces are used for multiple sizes and this keeps me from tracing and cutting twice. I also use Jumbo Ziploc bags for my currently inwork patterns. By using the bags, I can keep the pattern and fabric/notions together, when I need to relocate from the dining table. I also do this when I am getting ready for projects as I tend to cut when the kids are sleeping and sew when they are awake.

  3. thanks for that! I was just realizing I need to do something more with my patterns…you know, so I can FIND the ones I need when I need them. I love your system!

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