Stripes Rule

It’s time for another roundup from the wonderful collection of photos in the Celebrate the Boy Flickr Pool.  Please please share yours, too! Today’s theme is…STRIPES! Here’s my second rule when it comes to sewing boy clothes:


I feel like the addition of stripes automatically makes clothing 100% more interesting. Thin stripes, bold stripes, contrast stripes, understated stripes? I love them all. The Show your Stripes Turtleneck is one of many striped tees I’ve made for Elliot (there’re a couple more in this post). They’re always a hit. Striped fabric is pretty easy to find (or make! check out Dana’s DIY-fabric post here!), which is definitely a plus when it come to sewing for boys.


Left: yellow striped hoodie, Right: black & white with green collar

This yellow-and-white striped hoodie is made from a Farbenmix pattern here.  And An blogged here about that great shirt with green elbow patches and collar on the right.


Left: Green with buttons Right: blue with stripey trims

Here are a few cozy stripes in knits:


Top Left: Flashbacks hugging Bottom Left: Flashback with Hood Right: Make My Week, Baby!


Left: terry shorts, Middle: 90 minute shirt, Right: Busses

The middle long-sleeved tee uses a superfun contrast of solid color and stripes; and while the button-down shirt on the right isn’t technically a striped print, the effect is definitely stripey.

Laura of Craftstorming blogged these “jimjams” here.


The low-contrast stripes on the left are understated, but the solid trims define the stripes. And the notebook page on the right? Genius.


Left: stripe tee, Right: Notebook shirt

And here’s a few of my stripe faves from Pinterest:


Left: Sunglasses Right: Airplane Arms

This post is part of Celebrate the BOY, a series of boy sewing posts hosted by me and Dana of MADE. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

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Head over to made to see what Dana’s up to! or check out my Celebrate the BOY archives for even more boy sewing posts! And don’t forget to add your photos to our Celebrate the BOY Flickr group!

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  1. My big question is WHERE can I find some wide striped knit fabric?! I really don’t want to sew my own, and have scoured my local fabric stores, and have yet to turn up something online. Any great ideas?

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