The boy, a hat, and his Cthulhu

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Couldn’t resist a little CTB encore today with pictures of the new Tic Tac Toe shirt in action.

hat 5




kthulu 3

Bonus points to you if you even know who Cthulhu is (it’s pronounced “ka-thoo-loo”). Our little Cthulhu enjoys current status as the most loved of all of Elliot’s “guys,” which is what he calls the entourage of stuffed animals (this includes Kermit) that inhabit his bed. It may seem like an odd choice for a stuffed animal, but Mr Rae and I thought it was completely hilarious when Elliot used to put a bowl in front of Cthulhu at the dinner table and tell us, with his slight little lisp, that Cthulhu was eating “the souls of his followers” (“the soulth of hith followerth”), a concept he was far too young to comprehend. I’m pretty sure his grandmother found this a bit horrifying.

kthulu in the hat

19 thoughts on “The boy, a hat, and his Cthulhu

  1. Hah! Those weird things always make the best family stories. Both of my older kids thought “no scatological discussion at dinner” was a rule that ALL families had to the point where my son said, in kindergarden that our only family rules were the usual, “no hitting, be nice, and no scatological discussion at dinner.”

  2. I have an eating the souls of his followers kind of guy too. He’s almost 8 now, but I just looked back at all his old scribbles and paint blobs, and I had written on the back of each things like, “Defeater’s machine that sucks all the good out of you and spits you out in his service.”

    I don’t actually do much garment sewing, but I truly love this series. Thanks to you and your son for all your hard work!

  3. lol… kids can be so wacky. I overheard Nicole downstairs ordering “Monsters, I command you to kill everyone who is not in my family – here’s a list of my family. Okay? Now go!!!” Um, okay?? This kid watches My Little Ponies and Diego on Netflix, where is this coming from? lol!

  4. Not only do I know who the little green monster is, I have one at home :). It came with my boyfriend when we moved in together and has been a part of our home ever since.

  5. hahaha, everything about this is beyond awesome. My kids like to say odd things like that in their little two and four year old voices. It’s the best

  6. cracking. me. up. can’t stop looking at his facial expressions in those last few photos. what an awesome kid you’ve got there. 🙂

  7. WOW! where’s Cathulu from? Our boy needs one to play with while we’re playing “Arkham Horror”… (And my husband will love me forever for getting it. Help a girl out)

  8. Hehe! Hubby & I registered for a little Cthulhu for our soon to arrive babe as well. And some people have been mystified & concerned. We just thought it was too hilarious to pass up!

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