Exciting things on the Rae-dar

RAE-dar? You like that? Eh?? Oh, you are in for a world of Rae puns, you guys. You won’t even know what happened. Besides, the only other name that seemed appropriate for this post was “Hey, here’s what’s happening!” and this seemed so much better.

The point is, so many exciting things are going on that I can hardly keep up with all of them (besides the Spring Top Sewalong, which is supposed to wrap up this week — durrr…ummmm…can I have an extension? — and my new children’s pant pattern that Elli and I have been toiling on relentlessly for the past couple months to get JUST right), so in no particular order…

Exciting thing #1: Last week Cloud 9 gave a very exciting little preview of my upcoming fabric line on the Cloud 9 Facebook Page! The line is called “Fanfare,” is due out late summer or early fall, and will be printed on organic FLANNEL!  So excited about the flannels. Featuring adorable foxes and elephants, this will be perfect for cozy nursery items and kids’ clothing. And hello, FOX PAJAMAS FOR ME? I think YES.

Exciting Thing #2: Check out my “Trip to Quilt Market” article in Love Quilting & Patchwork, a new magazine from the same people who brought us MollieMakes!

Love how they put together this spread for my "top stands" @carolynfriedlander @missletterm @annamariahorner (from spring 2013 love quilting and patchwork magazine)

For the article, I picked my top three booths from Quilt Market Fall 2012, pontificated on color trends (hint: blue) and divulged other secret and scandalous information (just kidding on that last part. It sounded cool when I typed it, though).

Here's my article! @iheartlinen @missletterm @justabitfrayed have cameos too :)

So excited to finally get my hands on this magazine...featuring so many friends (like @alexiastitches! @imagingermonkey! @jenib320!), as well as a quilt market interview with yours truly!

Love Quilting &  Patchwork has a page on Facebook here where you can see what they’re up to;  I honestly thought this was going to be just another quilting magazine, but it is TOTALLY GREAT. So many articles about modern quilting, sewing, and fabric…I love it. Print copies are sold out online, but I’ve heard that you might be able to find it at Barnes and Noble here and there, or if you have an iPad or iPhone, you can download the CrossStitcher Magazine app and purchase the digital copy of the Love Quilting & Patchwork magazine for $5.99 in the “for sale” section of the app.

Exciting thing #3: Also just announced: the Briar Rose line from Windham designed by MY FRIEND HEATHER ROSS!!! I am so crazy for these awesome summery prints, four of which will be printed on JERSEY!!! SO excited about the jersey. So excited about Heather’s new designs. And SO excited that Briar Rose is being showcased on the Briar Rose Rainbow Quilt designed by moi (remember Clementine’s Rainbow Quilt?). It will be available as a free pattern from Windham in July to promote the line. Yaaaay!!

briar rose catalog

briar rose swatches

pics via

Is that enough excitement for one post? I think so! More on my new pattern and spring tops, soon.

26 thoughts on “Exciting things on the Rae-dar

  1. Holy cow, you are on fire right now! So many congratulations coming your way 🙂 I will definitely be sporting some PJs from your flannel this fall, no doubt! With matching sets for the kiddos of course, we’re crazy like that.

  2. I’m sooo excited for you! Congrats on so many amazing things! And I’m excited for us too, getting my hands on your flannel soon…

  3. Super cute fox and elephant!
    Is your new top pattern a woman’s? And if so do you need an xs sized tester? I would looove to volunteer to test 🙂

  4. O-K, I want everything!!! Your new flannel, I wanna make that rainbow quilt, gotta buy that magazine, I’m so exited for you, and for me to! Aaah, can you be my friend?!!! Your blog is great 🙂

  5. You are blowing it out of the park, woman!! Super excited for you–love seeing all these amazing things come together. Go, Rae! You are Rae-diant!! Yep, that just happened.

  6. dude, I missed this post somehow!!! all the excitement, too awesome, I almost passed out. I cannot wait for the fabric, might have to figure out which random baby I can sew for just to have an excuse. Although I’m sure I’ll snag some for myself – yes.

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