Motif Madness

Tsuru cranes - 11

I have two more Geranium Dresses (well, technically one is a top) to show you today! These two feature the “Motif Madness” print in vermillion and ivory from the Tsuru line designed by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cloud 9 fabrics (this post is part II in a series of posts I’m fondly calling the Tsuru + Geranium Project; see part I here).

Tsuru cranes - 04

Tsuru cranes - 10

You may remember seeing Rashida’s designs before on this blog, most notably the enormously popular “washi tape fabric” that gave the Washi Dress pattern its name. Rashida spent a few years in Japan when she was growing up, and her designs reflect a strong influence of Japanese culture and imagery. I thought it would be fun to incorporate paper cranes into the photos somehow to play off of the Japanese theme, and Rashida suggested the idea of creating an installation of cranes on the wall so they would look like they were flying overhead. Karen folded the cranes (no small task!), and I taped them up in my entryway. I really like the cool effect they add to the photos.

Tsuru cranes - 06

Tsuru cranes - 13

I think that these two Geraniums just might be my favorites of the set. I love the large motifs in these two prints so much, and they photograph amazingly well (I love the name “Motif Madness” too!). It’s hard to pick favorites with this line, though; from the moment I first saw the collection, it was true love. I love how mature the Tsuru designs are — perfect for women’s tops, dresses, and skirts — yet they look just as amazing sewn up into children’s clothing.

Tsuru cranes - 01

Tsuru cranes - 12

Tsuru cranes - 16

I’m sure you’ve already noticed a new face in these photos: Clementine’s friend Phoebe. I quickly realized that getting my belligerent three-year-old into and out of eight dresses before I needed to send them back to Cloud 9 for Quilt Market was going to require more bribery/mini-marshmallows than I had on hand, so I asked blogger friend-in-real-life Emily if Phoebe would help us model. Those adorable cheeks!! I die. What a cutie. Phoebe is the same age as (and also the same dress and shoe size as) Clementine, so it worked out perfectly. And they love being goofy together, as we’ve realized the few times we’ve gotten them together to play, which made the photos so easy to take.


I hope you enjoyed these, because there are even more Tsuru Geranium Dresses to come!

Tsuru cranes - 15

20 thoughts on “Motif Madness

  1. Oh, Rae! It’s absolutely stunning. Both the fabric, the dress, and the girls. I should make one for my girl. I’ll put it on the list 🙂

  2. this print is just so cool, I can never decide which one I like better. I’d love to make myself a top or skirt in one of them.

  3. That is totally adorable. You are right, Rashida’s design are sophisticated but playful, grown up but childlike. They are amazing and so are your dresses!

  4. Ok, ok, I couldn’t stand the pressure of these posts plus the dresses over at Delia Creates…I just bought the pattern (head in hands in shame-LOL!)
    I’m excited! Hoping to whip up at least one by the weekend!

  5. Oh Rae, every time I look at a different dress, I think “Oh yeah, that’s my favorite….” until I look at another one. Rashida makes magical fabric.

  6. I have Ben obsessing over this fabric for awhile. I just bought a few yards the other day. They will be a differen pattern because you haven’t increased the size range yet (hint hint)

  7. I love these! I would like a Washi dress in the orange fabric, please! Seriously, Rae, I may have to make one in that fabric for myself!

  8. I’ve seriously got to get around to making some of these dresses. I love Rashida’s fabric as well and I think your pattern + her fabric is perfect match!

  9. I may have to add that white and the blue from yesterday to my collection! But waiting to see which others will catch my eye! These dresses are beautiful too!

  10. This fabric is the perfect match for the geranium dress. So cute, those faux cap sleeves on the red dress!

  11. are you even kidding with that last picture? What are they, american apparel catalog models? So emo.

    (ps: loving this series, catching up now!)

  12. ah! so great! I love the fabrics, the modeling, and the amazing crane origami on the wall. Way too cool.

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