Parsley Pants Sewing Pattern is here!


So excited to announce that the Parsley Pants pattern is finally here!

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The Parsley Pants pattern is a basic pant made with just one pattern piece, making them so ridiculously easy and quick to sew! The basic version features an elastic waistband, but even the extras (flat front, pintucks, pouch pockets, box pleat pockets, kneepads and the tuxedo stripe) take very little time to add. You’ll be amazed at how quickly these come together!

The pattern instructions and illustrations are thorough and easy to follow, thanks to the amazing job my sister Elli did on the layout (Click here for a peek at the instructions).

Size Range
The pattern comes in kids’ sizes 2-10 and is intended for children who are out of diapers, though I did design them with a bit more room for diapers in sizes 2 and 3. Cloth diapers might be a bit tight, though, as my goal was to keep the fit trim enough that they would look great both as a pajama pant and as an everyday pant. By the way, if you’re sewing for diapered babes, you should definitely check out my Big Butt Baby Pant pattern!

Adjusting fit
The main pattern piece can be easily cut along the tuxedo stripe line and spread apart for children who need a bit more room in the hip, or taken in along the same line for skinny kids. I’ll try to post a tutorial on this soon!

See more
The Parsley Pants have been seen previously on my blog in the following posts:
Coming soon…Parsley Pants (this post talks more about the pattern if you’re looking for more information)

Here’s a quick look at some more versions of the Parsley Pant I’ve made recently! First up, a yellow plaidΒ pair for Elliot with a flat front and kneepads…

Parsley Pants

A green pair for Elliot with pouch pockets and kneepads (by the way, I named the pants “Parsley” because I LOVE GREEN PANTS!)…

Parsley Pants

Parsley Pants

Parsley Pants

A pajama pant (this is the easiest version of Parsley, a full elastic-waist pant) as part of a set along with a Charlie Tunic pajama top for Clementine…

little letter pajamas

And a few more pairs, not yet blogged, that you can see in this pic:


As usual, this pattern is BRAND NEW, so if you find any mistakes or have any issues, please email me!

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Thanks to Elli and all of my testers who provided awesome feedback to make this pattern the best it could possibly be. You can see their versions in the Parsley Pant Photo Pool

I can’t wait to see all of the great versions of the Parsley Pants you guys make!

42 thoughts on “Parsley Pants Sewing Pattern is here!

  1. You really design with the wee-ones in mind. Thanks so much for another great pattern! I couldn’t even get my two-year-old to relinquish her mousey Geranium for bed last night. She slept in it, buttons and all:)

  2. I’m so excited!!! I use the pattern piece from the Oliver + S Bedtime Story Pajamas a lot on my son because it’s such a great fit/simple 2 piece pant. But we’re out of the sizes in my pattern. I can’t wait to try this & it’s variations. Do you by chance have a cut line for shorts on the pattern pieces? I’m sure I can figure it out, just wondering.

  3. Hooorray!!
    My son has been coming back everyday since your ‘Coming Soon’ post to pick his favourites, and ask if I can make them yet.
    Pattern is purchased, and he is currently raiding my boy stash for fabric for his first pair.
    Thank you!!

  4. YAY! I am so excited to sew some up for my 5 year old son. He needs some cool ole pants like these in his wardrobe. Now a great reason to do some boy fabric shopping!

  5. Ooh, excellent! So glad they go up to size 10. Maybe even my skinny almost 12y.o. could fit with a little lengthening. And I really love the name of the pattern πŸ™‚

  6. Cute pants Rae! Micah shares your love of green pants. He is really picky about pants but likes to wear a green hand-me-down pair from Elliot even though they are too short and really should be packed away….

    Have a great day!

  7. Oh, this is perfect timing! I was just looking for a solid basic pants pattern…love that these work for pj’s and pants, with a flat front option! You speak my language…a quick (two pieces!) gratifying sew that you can change up to prevent getting bored. Can’t wait to try it!!

  8. Hooray for Rae! Every summer I make my son (currently 7) a stack of “comfy” pants for the new school year. I have my own pattern, but seriously tempted to buy this one so I can stop guessing each time he sizes up. And because your Big Butt Baby pants pattern is still my favorite and my littlest has outgrown. Boo. … Could you consider having a pattern sale so I could get both the geranium dress AND parsley pants AND the Charlie tunic without breaking the bank? Pretty please? Not to mention a washi for me!!…What about a wide ruffle on the bottom of these pants to girly them up. Or cutie patootie pockets, or a bib/overall option for the flat front. Can you imagine the girl possibilities of these parsley geniuses?!! I’d gladly test for you if I could get a free pattern!!! (a girl can wish).

  9. Yippee! My girl child is in desperate need of pants because the weather has just got cold here (Sydney). I see many pairs of Parsley Pants in my future.

  10. I love these! The green pants look so cozy, what fabric is it? It looks like sweatpants material, yes?

    • It’s actually a stretch twill — for some reason it gives a soft appearance in the photos, and while they are soft, they’re definitely a heavy material.


  11. just bought it. CANT WAIT to start sewing a pair! i think they will look great with a pierrot…or a charlie…hmmm so many choices!


  12. would this pattern work with microfleece?
    and seconding the comment on the top… a pattern sale will help get a few of your amazing patterns together!!!

    • Yeah I don’t know about the fleece, having never tried it, BUT I did have the same thought the other day. They would definitely be a bit looser, like lounge/sweatpants, but I think it would work!!


  13. I don’t usually buy patterns. But I think I’m going to have to buy this one, because it looks so awesome and it would work for my 3 kids.

  14. Looks AMAZING! I’m excited to download it, though I did miss KCW…. at least it is happening 4 times a year now, so I won’t have to wait long! Thanks for all of your hard work.

  15. Love these pants. LOVE them. Might have to make them for both kids. Might have to have more kids to make more of these. Don’t tell my husband. πŸ˜‰ Hanna Andersson should watch out!

  16. I just downloaded it and I’m so excited! πŸ™‚ I’m wondering – can the tuxedo stripe and the knee pads work on the same pair of pants or would that be too much? πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  17. Just made my first pair of parsley pants! Love the pattern, but had a question about the flat felled seams along the inseam since I’ve never tried that before. Am I doing something wrong or do you just have to scrunch up the legs to get to the crotch as you stitch down the folded over seam allowance? Thanks!

    • Hi JD: You definitely have to “scrunch” — it also helps to sew those seams with the pants right side out and sew “inside the tunnel” with the top of the pants in your hands and the seam under the presser foot. It’s a bit awkward but it works!!


  18. I LOVE this pattern! Every pattern I’ve purchased from you has been well-loved around here, but this one makes me especially happy. My little guy was wearing his Parsley Pants yesterday, and I kept looking at him and thinking, “Dang! Those fit GOOD!” Thank your for your amazing patterns, Rae!!

  19. if I was to have front and back pattern, where will you cut it?? at the tuxedo line?? adding in to the pattern??/

    Bought your pattern yesterday and to try it out today I prefer 4 pieces instead of 2… go figure why!!

    • Hi Leslie,

      Yes to divide the pattern into front and back you would cut it apart at the tuxedo line and add a seam allowance.

      Hope that helps!

  20. Hi Rae,
    Just wanted to thank you for the parsley pants pattern! I have just finished my 5th pair! The shape is so nice and fits my 12yo son, 8yo son and 4yo daughter beautifully. I made this last pair at capri length (with pouch pockets and flat front) and it looks particularly good.
    Thankyou too for the clear and professional instructions which make it so easy :). I will recommend you to other sewers (though I don’t know many :().

  21. Thanks for the awesome pattern! I just finished making three pairs with a flat front and pockets in a medium weight canvas and two basic PJ pairs in your elephant and fox pattern Fanfare flannel for my daughter (size 3). They all came out beautifully and the instructions were so easy to follow. She loves her new pants! Also, the flannel was wonderful to work with and I love that it’s organic!

  22. Hi there! Loving the parsley pant… was thinking about possibly making some for my etsy shop (not much there yet if you are looking, in the planning stages). Are you going to do the same sellers license agreement you have for your other patterns?

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