Taking flight

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It’s time for more Tsuru on the blog today (see Part I and Part II if you haven’t already)! Today’s Geranium Dresses are sophisticated, yet fun: a flutter-sleeve dress with a notched neckline, and a sleeveless dress with piping. Both use navy as their unifying color, in keeping with the entire Tsuru line. I love this shot of Phoebe in the 1000 Cranes dress. Isn’t that gorgeous?

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More Tsuru - 19

I wanted to put Elliot in something from the line as well, and he always looks striking in navy, so he’s joining us in the photos today! Karen offered to throw together a little button-up shirt for him with piping since Cloud 9 had sent more of the “And old lace…” prints than we needed for the dresses. I also wanted to give this blender print a chance to sing on its own. If you look carefully, the “lace” is actually three cranes arranged in a lace-like array. I love the piping on this shirt: the little bird tracks from the ivory “Making Tracks” print work perfectly as trim, and you already know how much I love piping. There is nothing that can’t be improved by piping.

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The “Making Tracks” print is also used as piping and a contrast band on the ivory dress (below) to bring out the lovely “Of A Feather” print. If you look carefully, you can see the cute little bird tracks. And I love this feather print! It’s one of those prints that feels more “even” from far away, but when you see it up close you really appreciate the detail. I hope I’ve been able to communicate the beauty of it here, even though it’s not as eye-grabbing as the cranes. Some close-ups so you can see the piping a little better:

More Tsuru - 21

More Tsuru - 17

More Tsuru - 15

Tsuru is widely available in shops right now. The fabrics used for the dresses in this post are these four variations on the crane theme (see the entire collection here on the Cloud 9 website):

tsuru group 2

More Tsuru - 22

Just two more dresses to go, and then you’ll have seen the whole collection!

19 thoughts on “Taking flight

  1. Ooh, all the dresses (and the shirt!) are lovely, but I especially like that navy 1000 Cranes dress – gorgeous.

  2. This whole line is gorgeous. I LOVE the navy 1000 cranes dress, it’s definitely my fav so far! And your little man looks very handsome in his navy shirt 🙂

  3. I feel like this is fabric I might never have picked up on my own in the store, but it is all just so gorgeous here. Love the whole line and every item you’ve made from it. Stunning. Fun yet classic all at once, and ageless too. I could see all of this working as well for baby clothes as it does for adults.

  4. The third picture down, the one of just your daughter, it could be a painting! Those big eyes! So cute!

    Love the dresses as usual. 🙂

  5. Those fabrics and those dresses are both so beautiful! Thanks for having such an inspiring blog. 🙂

  6. Fantastic. I love all the fabric in this line. And it’s fun to see it all sewn up on your cute kids.

  7. I really love the tracks fabric up close. The colors look great together. And of course, the cranes are fantastic.

  8. Yeah so I’m sold. I’m pretty much going to get the geranium dress pattern today(finally, I don’t know what I’ve been waiting for with two girls!) and the fabric too! Amazing pairings, I love it, I am so inspired!

    • not really … just kindof made it up … but I feel like these patterns (classic boy buttonups) should be easy to find? I don’t know?

  9. I love your crane wall and want to do something similar. My question for you about that is how you attached the cranes to the wall. Tape? Nails? Something else? Thanks!

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