It’s time for shameless promotion of my new fabric line, you guys! I’m so excited that I finally get to show it off!! Yaaaaaaaaay!!! *kermit arms*


All organic. All flannels. Super soft. Super lovely. Coming in August, but it’s already being ordered by shops, so tell your favorite shops all about it, m’kay? You can head over to the Cloud 9 website to see the whole line on the Fanfare page (you get closeups of the prints if you click on any of the images). You’ll also get a better idea of the true colors, which are looking a bit bright in the top image.

Fanfare - 01

There are three colorways (aqua, gold, and pink) that each have a fox print, a pennant print, and an elephant print. Additionally, there are two confetti prints, one pink-and-yellow, one blue-and-yellow, AND there will also be a solid white flannel, which I love — it will be so fun to have a pure white flannel for backings, bias tape finishing, contrast cuffs, and so on. I love the simplicity of these designs, and I think they will lend themselves well to so many things!

Fanfare - 03

The fabrics are currently in their color-correction phase; the mill sends samples called “strikeoffs” so you can check that the colors are correct…it usually takes a few tries to get it juuust right. It’s amazing to me (as someone who can usually churn out a digital sewing pattern in a couple of months) how much longer the production cycle is for fabrics. A bit like writing a book I guess, with a longer wait time between the initial design phase and the actual product. Good for learning patience, Rae.

Fanfare - 02

Anyway, hope you enjoyed seeing this preview! You can see all of the colors and designs over on the Cloud 9 website. I am so thrilled and honored to have had the opportunity to work with Michelle and Gina over at Cloud 9; they’ve both been so great. And I can’t wait to sew with these flannels!!!

41 thoughts on “Fanfare!

  1. woohoo! very happy for you & can’t wait to get my hands on that flannel. I’m already dreaming of all its softness… Delicious!

  2. I just added this to my notifications at the FatQuarterShop yesterday, but failed to associate the name (ok, it was late, so I have an excuse …)
    I love everything: colors, baby prints and the fact that is flannel (gorgeous and soft and perfect for just about everything).
    Can’t wait as well (patience is quite a learning curve, right?)

  3. So awesome!! Congrats on your own fabric line! I can’t wait to get my hands on some – the foxes are super cute and I’m already thinking I need a pair of pjs pants in them for myself 😉

  4. Yum yum yum! Those confetti prints will make lovely backings and bindings too, don’t you think? All so sweet.

  5. Oh I love these so much! Totally gonna matching fox jammies for the boys this fall! And maybe some elephants for myself 🙂

  6. Oh boy, these are too cute!! And I love that they are organic. Definitely on the list for PJ pants for me and my girls!

  7. Ooh, I see a flannel crib sheet in my kiddo’s future! And coordinating flannel jammies, and blanket, and…

  8. i’m quite impressed with your fabric – the designs, lines, and colors are great! buuuuuut i’m commenting because i had to tell you how much i LOVED that you inserted “kermit arms” while describing your excitement. KERMIT ARMS!!! that’s going to keep me laughing all day. then i’ll probably get some of your fabric online and flail my own kermit arms when the postman delivers it.

  9. Congratulations, Rae! Really lovely fabrics. I am already imagining sweet flannel nightgowns for my littlest grandbaby. I totally agree about the white…it will be fantastic for so many things.

  10. I love these! My go-to baby gift is the tried and true burp cloth. So easy and so well received. And I love seeing my friends use these gifts that usually include some of my favorite prints.

  11. Congrats! These prints are SO great!! I’m getting ready to work on some baby shower gifts, so I only wish these were available right now! 🙂

  12. Oh man you are so fun. How did I just now find you? Blah. I love your new fabric line, can’t wait to see what you (and everyone) make out of it! yay!

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