Flying Cranes Skirt for Quilt Market

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Thanks for all the love on my arrow dress, you guys!!! I’m so glad you liked it. Here’s another garment I made to wear around in Portland for Quilt Market, a skirt with pockets from my friend Rashida Coleman-Hale’s Tsuru line for Cloud9 that’s out right now. If you saw all of my Tsuru Geranium Dress posts a couple months ago, so you already know how much I love this line of fabric. Now you’ll get to see all of the fun stuff I’m making for myself with the yardage Cloud9 sent me as a thank-you for that collaboration. This one features the “1000 Cranes” print that has been so popular.

Update: this skirt was an early prototype for the Cleo Skirt pattern, now available in my shop

Flying Cranes skirt

I made a similar skirt earlier this year in a gorgeous floral print by Liesl Gibson (who I got to see again at Quilt Market this year!! LOVE Liesl; she is such an amazing person). I loved that skirt so much I needed to make another one! This one is less full, as you can see below, but still pretty swingy. It’s such a simple design and is so comfortable that I can tell I’m going to be wearing both skirts a ton this summer with tank tops and sandals. The pockets are, in my opinion, what makes this skirt a win. I *heart* pockets so much. The pale pink band on the bottom was a later addition; it was a bit short to begin with, and my legs take up roughly 2/3 of my total height…so it needed a little more length at the bottom in order to be decent.

Flying Cranes skirt

I really didn’t intend for the boots and kneesocks to be a part of the ensemble, but it was cold in Michigan a couple days ago when I took these pictures, and I had put on the kneesocks to keep warm, and I put on the boots to take out the trash, and…voila, awesome outfit. So I wore it with kneesocks in Portland this weekend, because it was actually rather cool. Fun, fun!!

Get the Cleo Skirt pattern HERE!

Flying Cranes skirt

30 thoughts on “Flying Cranes Skirt for Quilt Market

  1. How gorgeous and cute are you? Seriously…love this outfit! So sad I didn’t get to see you in Portland but glad you guys all had a great time! I loved seeing your outfits on instagram. You are adorable! xoxo

  2. Sooooooo seriously cute, the whole outfit! That is my favorite print from that line, I bought some for my girls to finally try out your Geranium pattern 🙂

  3. Yep, I love that fabric! And I love that skirt! Once I get an opportunity to buy some I may double my order to make myself something that awesome! so cute!

  4. This skirt is too cute. It definitely makes me take a second look at the Tsuru fabric line. I may have to be a copycat and make a skirt just like it! 🙂 Love the boots!

  5. Pockets are ESSENTIAL. You’ve made me think perhaps I can use some of my Cloud 9 stuff for clothing after all…

  6. I have been eyeing this fabric in my local fave fabric shop for weeks. Now that I see how great it is in skirt I am going to buy some. Very nice!

  7. Adorable! I would love, love, love to see a tutorial on the pockets…or the whole skirt. Pretty please.

  8. I really like this skirt and would love a tutorial on it! And you are really convencing me that a few of these prints need to be added to my stash!

  9. What a pretty skirt! I love the fabric and the pattern both. It looks very good on you. Perfect for summer!

  10. That skirt (and arrow dress) are so very cute!!! I like that you are sewing for yourself too! Did you design the skirt yourself? I would love to hear more about how you designed it, and whether you used a zipper, or an elasticized waistband in the back? That print is very lovely from Cloud 9, and makes great clothing, as you have clearly shown us. Now we’ll all want it!!!

  11. love this! i have been looking for a pattern or tutorial for a skirt like this. hint hint

  12. I love that this skirt is less full than the first floral one.
    It looks great, you are very inspiring..!
    I just wish I had more than nap time for sewing…

  13. Hi! I LOVE this skirt! I would love to make one like it – is there a pattern you used? If so, would you share where you got it?


  14. Please, please share where you found the pattern for that skirt! I can’t find anything like it. And I love it! (Almost as much as your blog and patterns, but I digress.)

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