Green Lawn Pleated Top

I guess it’s all about the clothes for me this week! Here’s another one of my Spring Tops, as part of my ongoing Spring Top Sewalong. The sewalong will wrap up soon (on Monday), so if you’re still thinking about it, now’s the time!

spring top 2013 - 30

This top was made with a lovely lightweight green lawn I found at Mood in NYC last fall. It’s based on the same pattern as another pleated top I posted last fall, but without the elastic shirring and with an added band at the bottom.

spring top 2013 - 29

I wore it last week for four days straight. Not because I love it so much that I couldn’t wear anything else (though I do like it!!! A LOT!!), but actually just because I kept putting it on in the morning, thinking I would find time to take pictures in it, but then never did. Mr Rae was probably starting to wonder.

spring top 2013 - 28

Works nicely with the red moccasins that I both love and hate because they always turn my feet and socks bright red. I ruined a white skirt last week by accidentally leaving the skirt sitting on top of the shoes. BAH. I like the combination of red and green together, even if it might be a little Christmasy. Anyway, do you guys know how to sew pleats? It’s so ridiculously easy!! I’ll have to show you how sometime.

Want to join in? Spring Top Sewalong is almost over, so add your tops to the pool! See this post for guidelines.

25 thoughts on “Green Lawn Pleated Top

  1. I really like this shirt. Green is my favorite color! Very cool design with the pleats, and I love the banded bottom.

  2. Cute blouse! Treat your mocs with a couple coats of suede protector. That should help stop the dye from rubbing off.

  3. Super cute top– actually I’ve been loving them all. I’ve only ever made one top, but I think it is time for another. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. This top is crazy cute–love the band at the bottom, and I always love a gathered cuff. And lawn! How luxurious for summer!

  5. Love the green, but could help but notice your awesome watch. Do you mind me asking what kind it is.

  6. One of the best tops you’ve made! Any chance you’ve rethought the idea of turning this one into a pattern?

  7. Absolutely love this – style and colour both perfect! Please please do us a pattern for this πŸ™‚

  8. Since I saw your pics this morning I’ve been thinking about making a top like this ALL DAY so I just had to come back and say: ‘please, please, please do a pattern’!

  9. You are so talented, seriously. This top is amazing. If it were on shelves I would totally buy it.

  10. LOVE THIS. I used to have red Minnetonkas too and they toooootally made everything red. But they are super cute!

  11. I love this shirt. I was going to write asking you to make it into a pattern, but see I am not alone! It is winter over here in Australia, so I would still have time to make one in 3 months for our spring challenge!

  12. Wow, I love this rendition on your pleated top! It is gorgeous in that Green against your light skin! The fit is perfect too! Well done. I hope to very soon buy this pattern from you, hint hint!

  13. Oooooh, I would drool over this pattern (and buy it in a heartbeat!) PLEASE release this as a pattern! and I’d love to learn pleats!

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