Nani Iro Pajamas for Clementine

This past weekend was really, really fantastic. I got to be a part of the teaching crew for Camp Stitchalot, and it was loads of fun. So many fun people and projects! Really great snacks!!! I’ll post some pics of the weekend soon, or you can look for the #campstitchalot tag on Instagram if you currently possess the app/skills.

Today, though, I am totally wiped. Naturally I stayed in bed until 10:30 and ate chocolate-covered pretzels for breakfast. Thank goodness my kids are still with my awesome mom-in-law until this evening. I was going to try to take the day off, but it’s not really working, since I got sucked into the Vortex of Obligation as soon as I opened my computer. That’s okay, though! Being on my computer gives me a chance to show you the adorbsable brushed cotton pajamas I made for Clementine. I posted a picture of them (reposting it again, below) last week as part of my “Parsley Pants is here!” post, but here they are in action on the little stinker herself!

nani iro pajamas

little letter pajamas


nani iro pajamas

The pants were made with Nani Iro brushed cotton from Kokka (I blogged about these fabrics last fall) and my new Parsley Pants Sewing Pattern, which comes in kids’ sizes 2-10. This is the simple elastic-waist option, which is crazy easy to make. The pajama top was made with my Charlie Tunic pattern. I cut the bottom hem of the shirt so to give it a curved shape, and put the facings on the inside instead of on the outside. The sleeve is more of a 3/4 length — I seem to prefer that for girls — so if you have the Charlie Tunic you can just shorten the sleeve, or if you have the Charlie Dress Add-on you can use that sleeve. By the way, we have a $1-off Charlie Dress + Tunic bundle in the shop now if you’re interested in having them both.

nani iro pajamas

As you can see, Miss Thing here is beginning to inherit her brother’s knack for unusual poses. She loves these pajamas, mainly because some of the pink flowers sparkle, something you cannot really see in these photos but I swear is true. I love them because they are soft and beautiful, and she will wear them without protest.

nani iro pajamas

15 thoughts on “Nani Iro Pajamas for Clementine

  1. These are beautiful Rae and so is your daughter. I have been admiring the top and pants since I saw the little photo on the parsley pants pattern. I have a yard of this in my stash-would that be enough for both in a size 3-4?

  2. These are seriously the cutest pajamas ever. AND in Nani Iro brushed cotton?! UGHH – she’s so lucky! I’d kill for a pair . . .

  3. You read my mind! Thanks for posting about these. I saw the first pic and immediately loved them. I was wondering how you did the top without the facing on front. Darling. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love these! I still have the Charlie Tunic on my list to buy along with the Parsley pants – would have bought it already, but my daughter refuses to wear pants… ack!

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