Sheer lace top

spring top 2013 - 03

Another one of my spring tops for you today, this one in off-white lace.

spring top 2013 - 01

I have to say, I die a little of embarrassment whenever I show my face on this blog. I know I probably come off as a sort of person with narcissistic and attention-seeking tendencies (I mean, give me a break, you kind of have to be to be a blogger, no?), and though that may be partially true, for some reason it seems weird knowing that you’re all looking right at me and I can’t see you back. I get self-conscious and I feel like I have to say something about facial expressions that are awkward and strange (like in this post), or my thighs, or whatever distracting thing I feel the need to comment on — that you probably wouldn’t even notice otherwise. Sometimes I get around that problem by cropping my head out of a shot, just to focus less on me and more on the garment (Exhibit A, below). But it’s hard to be the headless blogger all the time, especially when the composition works better with a head. So I guess I just have to be okay with posting cheesy pictures from time to time. Anyway, enough about self-consciousness; more about the top!!!

spring top 2013 - 04

This top was completely inspired by this lace top I stumbled across on Pinterest. I fell in love with the photo and couldn’t stop thinking about finding some lace to try to recreate it. I think I got the overall look down but now there is the issue of “who wears this? and WHERE?” — which I didn’t really think through completely before I started. The outfit with the gold earrings and the pink pencil skirt, for instance, reads more “ladies who lunch” than “Rae about town” or “Rae carting child to karate” or even “Rae on a date” or “Rae goes to church,” so when am I going to wear it? I don’t exactly yet know. Suggestions???

spring top 2013 - 02

One other (pretty major) problem of wearability still exists with this top, as the ladies who witnessed its first donnage last week at our latest local sewing meetup will attest: I cannot get this top to stop busting open at the snaps. This was obviously due to a gross underestimation of how strong my chest is. JUST KIDDING. I blame the clear snaps that I picked up at a nearby sewing superstore, which, though nearly invisible and therefore seemingly perfect for a white top, won’t stay shut worth a damn. I cannot comprehend why one would need snaps that don’t close. Maybe to dress a mannequin? A corpse? Neither one is on my agenda, at least for the near future.

spring top 2013 - 05

This beautiful lace fabric came from the remnants floor at Britex during our recent family trip to San Francisco and the pattern is my own, something I drew up based on my measurements using a pattern-making book. The edges were trimmed with a strip of white voile cut on the bias, which worked out quite nicely, methinks. This lace was slightly stretchy but much easier to sew than the stretch lace I used for the Angel Top, so it went together quite quickly. Oh, if only it would stay on.

spring top 2013 - 07

This is top #2 of five that I’m planning to post this year as part of my Spring Top Sewalong! You can join in by sewing something for yourself and posting it to our friendly photo pool! More info can be found here. We’ve extended the sewalong until Monday, May 27th, so you have just a couple more weeks to sew along!

50 thoughts on “Sheer lace top

  1. I can’t even begin to say how much I love this top! And don’t worry, I’m pretty sure NO ONE thinks you are narcissistic or attention-seeking! We’re all just so thankful you do what you do!!

  2. That top is very lovely and versatile. I like it with the jeans and I think even with jeans it can be dressed up or down depending on jewelry and shoes. The fabric is….WOW, gorgeous!

  3. I also LOVE this top and think that it looks fabulous with your jeans and that you should wear it EVERYWHERE! Especially with those dangly gold earrings!

  4. Love the top! It looks great with the jeans….it looks great with the skirt to but like you that look is not my go to either and the only place I could think of to wear it to would be a baby or bridal shower! Really like the gold earring too!!

  5. oooo! that top, your top. looooove. You rocked it. I wish I could shop at Britex, sounds like an amazing store. Can’t wait to see your other tops. I’ve got garment sewing on the brain now that the weather seems to be cooperating!

  6. I think it looks perfect with the dark jeans. Depending on accessories i think it could be casual enough for running errands or dressed up for a date night

  7. I like it better with jeans than the skirt. It tones down the formality lace would otherwise have a d then you can wear it anywhere, about town, carting kids, grocery shopping. Whatever. But how about with a black skirt for a date? I think it’s pretty versatile. Except that you need to put some buttons in to keep it closed. 🙂 maybe simple shell ones? They go with everything and won’t take away from the pretty lace.

  8. CUTE! I love pairing pretty tops like this with dark jeans, so I would stick with that. You can wear it anytime, anywhere. Love.

  9. LOVE it, very pretty! I think it looks great with the jeans, not too dressy at all! That is frustrating about the snaps though, bummer. I am glad to hear Spring Top Week is still going, I was posting something in the pool the other day and then wondered to myself if it was still going on. Can’t wait to see more of your tops!

  10. Love the top! And I actually think that first photo looks like something out of a magazine. You look great!

  11. I think with jeans you could wear it anywhere (maybe not a 5K, but anywhere else) and look just fabulous. You could perhaps in the summer wear it as a cardi over a cute colored tank and leave it unsnapped, perhaps that would solve the unsnapping problem. But it’s totally cute!

  12. Rae, that top is hot shit. I love it! It looks amazing on you – wear it out with the girls or on a date with hubby – it’s totally a mainstream look. You totally pull it off!

  13. It’s a great top! Wear it to church or out on a date with your hubby. Wear it wherever you feel like it because it looks good!

  14. I agree with the other commenters. Love the top! I think it is great with jeans, I don’t really care for it with the peach/pink skirt. I think a navy pencil skirt would be great if you wanted to dress it up (think guest at a baptism, bridal shower, etc…) I also like the idea of using it like a cardigan, how does it look when open?

  15. You look really beautiful in the first picture, you should take more pictures of your face 😉
    (I like the top, too)

  16. First of all, you are stunning. Please post only pictures with your face in them. Also, the shirt is really pretty and looks great with the skirt or jeans. I think it totally works for a casual look, mom around town. You’ll just look more put together than the rest of us! If your shirt stays shut, that is. 🙂 Sorry about the snap problems. That’s annoying.

  17. I love this top, I’d wear it with jeans anywhere (except someplace where it might get dirty, I spill). I don’t think it looks overly dressy at all. Plus it would be great with colored pants that are so popular now, gives detail with out color since it’s white. Seriously, where it everywhere, it’s great.

  18. Love this top! I think it looks great with the jeans myself. And if you ever get invited to a mother-daughter tea you have the perfect outfit with the top and skirt. Since those come up every week I’m sure. Lol. Boo that it won’t stay closed though!

  19. I was just chatting with a friend today about trying to dress more fashionably on the weekends. Old Navy is comfy, but a classy top with a pair of jeans and stylish sandals makes me feel much better about myself. Especially when I run into someone (or everyone) at the grocery store. So go for it! Wear this awesome top to karate class, Lowes, your in-laws, etc etc. I bet you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

  20. I agree with the rest. The top is seriously cute and I would wear it all the time. Not too dressy at all – it’s the cut – you designed something very wearable and not fussy. Love it.

  21. don’t worry about that, you look beautiful in all your photos, you have very pretty eyes! ^^
    i love this top! is fantastic! it will look great if is a shirt dress too! but i love it as it is as well! someday i will try sewing clothes when i muster enough courage.. hehe.. ^^

  22. Goodness, Rae! That pattern of lace is really feminine and pretty without being a bit Granny Mae. I think the simple lines and voile trim are just the right combo with it. Great choice!

  23. Ok- For the face…
    I love seeing your pictures, especially the ones where we can see you, your face and all. You don’t make the classic (fake smile) faces bloggers usually do.
    You know, like the one looking at your feet while laughing about something. Or the one with your head back like if you where saying:” ah, come on…”. Or the one standing up with your legs crossed and holding your hair on the side… Can’t take those anymore…
    Thats why I love your super nice, simple, good looking pictures!

    The Top…
    Love it, love it, the rounded hem is perfect, that’s it, I’m copying you!
    Great job!

  24. this is awesome! love this top! I’ve been eyeing some similar stretch lace fabric + think I need to just do it…
    Glad you extended the Sew Along! Thanks!

  25. I think this top is gorgeous!!! I would wear it with jeans or a denim skirt to dress it down, or a pencil skirt or nice slacks for special wear
    Did you apply the snaps with a press? It could be that the middle prong just needs to be pressed flat more…. if it is too big the snap won’t close properly! Trust me, I know…. :oP

  26. This turned out so beautiful! I love the fact that it’s collar-less and think that it’s one of those garments that is actually very wearable. Something that is not always the easiest to do when you make your own clothes. It tends to be all pretty dresses and this is just so casual yet striking. Speaking of pretty dresses I just bought your washi dress pattern today and I’m so excited to lay it out and start tracing away!

  27. This top is lovely .. and as for the photos, your face is too beautiful to hide. II love the pattern, it looks like it would suit all body types and be really flattering. Is it one of yours? Will you be making it available for us eager beavers to purchase?

  28. Oh, Rae, this is lovely! Love your posing skills, you are quite the natural in front of the camera, impressive! This is incredible inspiration to start sewing for myself….love!

  29. That shirt is awesome! With a cami and skinny jeans, it definitely says “Rae about town” to me. It would also be super cute in a cap sleeve I think. Or definitely as a tank.

    As I started cutting out fabric for my first ever ME garment, it suddenly dawned on me that if I made myself something I would also have to pose in it and put the pictures on my blog. Ew. I feel your pain. And your awkwardness is endearing. Lol

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