Velveteen Parsley Pants

Last week it got up to 80 degrees, and we pulled out the kiddie pool one afternoon…and I started making shorts for the kids. I was a little disappointed because I had just finished these velveteen Parsley Pants for Clementine during Kids’ Clothes Week and had figured I’d get at least a couple of weeks of wear out of them before we had to put them away for fall. But (thanks, Michigan!) now it’s cold again. I had to pull all my plants inside last night, and there is a freeze warning out again tonight. So it’s appropriate that Clementine has been wearing these for the past three days straight.


Wouldn’t you wear them every day, if you had a pair of pants this awesome? These were inspired by my friend Emily’s velveteen pair for her daughter Phoebe (first pic in this post).


A genius stroke with the pattern matching across the back seam, if I do say so myself. Not on purpose, of course. I can only pattern-match when I’m NOT trying.


I made a flat-front waistband and pouch pockets (both are options in the pattern) with a double gauze lining. Even though it looks like I might have used piping around the edges of the pockets, I actually just cut the linings a bit larger than the pocket and rolled them outward around the edges. The results are okay…this is really “cheater piping,” but it looks pretty good.


Though she wore it once with the pink shirt (a puff-sleeved Flashback tee, tutorial here), here is the actual ensemble we’ve been privy to here at our house for the past three days. I’m going to make her throw these in the wash tonight. And that yellow striped shirt? I made that too (more on that, soon)!


21 thoughts on “Velveteen Parsley Pants

  1. fab pants! Glad she’s getting a chance to wear them. The weather’s doing strange things in my part of the world, too.

  2. These are adorable. That print is fantastic. I wonder if I could grade the pattern to a “big girl” (meaning for me, LOL)size.

  3. That outfit is EXCELLENT. When I was a kid a friend had a ‘uniform’ that she’s selected herself, she wore it daily, and her mum had to employ all manner of subterfuge to get it in the wash.

  4. Yes, I WOULD wear those every day if I had them! Those are AWESOME! If I pretended that all my clothes just burned up in my closet, would you make me some? πŸ™‚ OK, that didn’t really happen, but I love them, and I never would have known that was “cheater” piping if you hadn’t mentioned it. It looks great. I think I need to make myself some pants…

  5. Best pants! If they’re too short by next winter I think you may need to add a cuff of some sort to extend their life πŸ™‚

  6. Dang this is cute. I think a giant floral like this might be the ONLY way to get my little gal to wear pants, too, so good call!

    (and if it warms up…velveteen shorts? is that a thing?)

  7. Nice! The velveteen look so amazing, i would have copied Phoebe’s pair too! If I could only get my daughter to wear pants…

  8. I love these! They remind me of my flower bell bottoms from the 60’s but with a fresh modern twist.



  9. I’m trying to make a lined pair of parsley pants & I’m trying to keep the process simple & not change a lot, or any of the construction steps. Is the easiest route underlining then? How did you line the velveteen pants? Or any other lined Parsleys?

    • Hi Rachel,

      Yes I think the easiest route is definitely underlining them! I didn’t actually line the velveteen ones, though! I did line a pair last fall using a separate lining, but I will have to show how to do that on a tutorial or some sort!!


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