Yellow Stripe Tops

Today, a pair of spring tops, one for me…

spring top 2013 - 14

Yeah, pouty face.

spring top 2013 - 16

and one for Clementine.

spring top 2013 - 27 Please do not pin or use this picture of Clementine without permission. Thanks!


My top was made with the Staple Dress pattern by my friend April. If you haven’t heard of it yet you are crazy, because it is blowing up the Internets!!! I shortened it from a dress to a top by cutting it off about 11-12″ below the shirring line on the pattern (I think). I love how easy this pattern is: it literally comes together in five minutes, and then you spend another bit of time binding the arms and neck and shirring it — and then it’s done. Super fast and fun sew!!

Clementine’s top is a mini-Staple top that I drew up freehand. Other than being a bit big around the neck, it’s pretty cute. Love the mini-version, and Clementine clearly does, too; she’s worn it almost every day since I made it. Both tops were made with a really lightweight knit that I think I got from the Fabric Fairy. It is pretty sheer, and I love the fluorescent yellow stripes.

spring top 2013 - 24

I did not heed April’s (sound) advice in the pattern instructions to try it on before shirring and cinch the waist to figure out where the shirring should really go; as a result I ended up putting in two lines and then taking one out later. I still want to try the dress with a hi/lo hem, and I have a few yards of navy rayon waiting to become a Staple Dress. Can’t wait!!!

Camp Stitchalot May 2013

I also had to show you this picture of Melody and April and Katy all wearing their Staple Dresses at Camp Stitchalot (you can read my post about it here). April made Melody’s dress for Quilt Market to feature Melody’s new fabric line, Ruby Star Polka Dot. The combination of the dress and the arrows is AMAZEBALLS. Both April and Katy’s dresses were made with Anna Maria Horner’s Field Study fabrics. This is the first dress Katy ever made…so proud of that girl!! They all look amazing, don’t you think?

One last behind-the-scenes picture of me combing Clementine’s hair (which she HATES) while she was holding the camera remote and firing away.

spring top 2013 - 23

11 thoughts on “Yellow Stripe Tops

  1. I have been eyeing the Staple Dress Pattern…now I just have to have it! Love your take on it! AND…. I just LOVE the fun new neckline you were sporting on that cute red Washi Dress you wore at the Quilt Market!!! Pictures of it keep showing up on other blogs. Any chance you might share a little tute with us Washi lovers??

  2. Aaaaaaaadorable. Both of you. The mini staple is super cute (like a mini washi, yay!). I got this one but haven’t made it yet…

  3. That Staple dress…I am trying to avoid temptation but it’s pretty cute and looks super easy. You and your little matchy-matchy are adorable…Clementine always makes me laugh, she is so stinkin’ cute!

  4. I’m just getting back into garment sewing, so the Staple dress is new to me. The last time I sewed clothing, there wasn’t an internet, LOL, so there is so much fun stuff to catch up on. I will have to check this out.

    You and your daughter look so fresh and cute together.

    Sue xo

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