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This week I worked on two little Charlie Dresses to send over to the You Are My Sister fundraiser event hosted by Heather Ross at Hart’s Fabric in Santa Cruz this weekend. It’s not too late to buy tickets for the event this Sunday evening, or (if you’re not in the area) purchase raffle tickets for the event, t-shirts, or prints.


These combinations of Heather’s fabrics just melt my heart. They’re right up my alley, given my continuing love affair with pink and yellow. Are you a Heather Ross fabric hoarder too? I have enough Far Far Away green unicorn double gauze to make a Washi Dress (I just can’t get up the nerve), not to mention enough Mendocino to make pajamas for the kids for years.


This Little Geranium (free pattern here) is also headed to Hart’s as well:


I also made some headway this week towards some new studio space in downtown Ann Arbor. This spare bedroom-slash-sewing-room situation is getting a bit crazy at my house, what with all the fabric overflowing the closet and shelves. More real estate is the clear answer, right? I’m also hoping to hire someone to help me sew samples and do other odd jobs here with me in Ann Arbor. And maybe I’m crazy, but I think it would be awesome to have ice-cream-and-sewing socials in downtown Ann Arbor (there’s a Ben and Jerry’s right by my [hopefully!] future space).


Speaking of pink and yellow, I just made the Tassel Necklace from the class taught by Liesl Gibson over at Creativebug. LOVE. IT. Also, Creativebug is offering kids’ classes for the summer at Camp Creativebug, and they look like fun! Here’s a little peek. Kids can learn to make Clothespin Dolls with Amy Karol, sew an Infinity Scarf with Annabel Wrigley, build a Puppet Theater with Amelia Strader, make Shrinky Dink Jewelry with Nicole Blum, and much more. They will be adding new classes every week, all summer long. To kick things off, they have a free Summer Teepee class. Fun, fun!!!


You’re in luck! They’re now offering the first month of Creativebug to Made by Rae readers for only $9.95 with the promo code MADEBYRAE (normally it costs $24.99/month) if you’re interested! FYI, I am not a Creativebug affiliate or anything, just friends with the Creativebug folks and love what they do over there. I have personally been a paid subscriber of Creativebug since they launched last year, and I really enjoy it! So many fun things to make and do.

Let’s see, what else? Things seem pretty crazy around here with summer in full swing…we’re hoping to get that Geranium Dress in bigger sizes up and running really soon, and I’m working on a new women’s pattern that I think you will really love.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

14 thoughts on “On the Rae-dar

  1. fun stuff rae! gosh, whoever you hire to work with you will be quite the lucky duck. 🙂 Ice cream socials, um, yeah.

  2. *quits job, packs house, moves to ann arbor immediately*

    such awesome stuff, rae! can’t wait to see a peek of the new women’s pattern, and congrats on the space! super cool. great heather ross stuff, too. 🙂

  3. What an adorable dress! I have a selection of Mendocino tucked away too, I pull it out just to admirer regularly, would love to see some pjs! Oh and if I lived closer I’d be all over your studio sessions, lovely idea! I’ve just started teaching workshops and LOVE it, have had a great response from students too and seeing their makes at the end of class is the best feeling ever.

  4. I love all the Heather Ross dresses!!
    (I am so glad about the new geranium! I even have the fabric out to try and draft a new one for my eldest, who has outgrown size five. I could not be more thrilled!! If you happen to need a last-minute tester, I could be ready at a moment’s notice 😉 The girls wore their blue-and-white/white-and-blue geraniums yesterday, and got so many compliments!)

    • oh thank you so much for the offer Ledys, we literally have it ready to upload — just working on embedding fonts and packaging it up as a PDF at this point. But maybe next time?? Thanks so much for the offer!!!

      Hope you enjoy it! Should be ready soon.


  5. Wow lady!!! Have I told you how incredible you are?! Yes. I have. and you are!!!
    I am soooooooo happy about your downtown space. What a dream… And ice cream socials sound spectacular!! Can I come????
    All the best to you sweet Rae!

  6. Sooo jealous of whomever you hire to work for you! And ice cream socials sound lovely… If only I lived nearby :). Though I do have family living in MI near Toledo and further north so if I ever make it up there to see them I’d arrange it during one of those open houses!

  7. Hi Rae,

    So I took home both of the little Charlie dresses from the auction! I’m a Yooper residing in San Jose CA, and was a) super-psyched to meet Heather; and b) happy the the money was going to help her sister in need.

    So fun they came from a fellow Michigander!

    Thanks for donating such sweet little dresses and I’ll send you a photo when my 18 month old fits the 2T this Fall! 😉

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