Parsley Shorts in Action

I just finished another pair of Parsley shorts for Clementine, this pair in a lovely Oxford fabric from Yuwa called “Cat and Bird” (I found the fabric here).


I had considered making her a matching Flashback Tee to go with them, but this morning she put together this genius ensemble, making me wonder why I ever bother making matching clothes for her. I can’t say it would have ever occurred to me to put these two things together, but it works (shirred Pierrot tunic blogged here).


They look a little puffy in the bum, but that’s because there’s an entire ruffled hem tucked in there.


Here are some “new” poses she insisted on (please don’t pin these pics below; the ones above are fine, though). Very creative, this girl. I sense that she may have a future in theater.

Parsley Shorts

Parsley Shorts

Parsley Shorts

Now for a few shots of Elliot’s moon shorts (you can see a better shot of them in this post):

Parsley Shorts

Parsley Shorts

And that is my little Zombie. Having grown up in a house full of girls, I can safely say I never imagined I would have a six-year-old who was obsessed with zombies. I for one did not know what a zombie was when I was six, that’s for sure. I certainly never anticipated that his preschool teacher would pull me aside last year and explain that it is NOT OK to talk about zombies at preschool because it was frightening the other children. THAT was a bit embarrassing. Oops.

If you would like to make the Parsley Pants pattern into shorts, you’ll find a very handy little how-to over on this post. Check it out!

13 thoughts on “Parsley Shorts in Action

  1. She must follow the same philosophy my nephew does–“I like this shirt. I like these pants/shorts. Therefore, they match.”

  2. I know your pain, mine is in a too small skort with teal and army olive tare flower pattern with a bright red tee she got at a scavenger hunt. I say nothing, because, hey she wears what I make happily too.

  3. I can relate on the zombie front. My 6 year old girl is constantly walking around with her arms stretched out speaking in a deep voice “I am zombie” and scaring her little sister. Apparently this is all the rage in Kindergarten!

  4. Moon shorts! I love them. I have those moons set aside for my first Washi…….. I’m still in the trying-to-get-the-muslin-to-fit stage. 🙂

  5. Ha! I was pulled aside at preschool this year too because my 5 year old son was scaring all the other kids by pretending to be a zombie on the playground. He found this picture of Eli very entertaining (he knew right away that he was a zombie). What is the appeal of zombies?

  6. I have made several pairs of shorts from this pattern for both of my kids and we LOVE them! Have even made shorts from their dad’s knit shirts. AWESOME pattern!!!

  7. Red and turquoise is a genius color combination, for sure.

    Both your kids are total cut-ups, and we all know exactly where they get it from. 😉

    The K boys around here are also obsessed with zombies. One of them recently came up to me and asked, in a threateningly throaty voice, “Which tastes better, your heart or your braaaaiiins?” Who knew visiting a Kindergarten class could be so dangerous?

  8. OK, so last Halloween, my preschooler was walking hunched over, dragging her feet, arms held up. “Whatcha doin’?” I asked. “I’m walking like a zombie,” she replied. “Oh really? Who told you about zombies?” “The teacher.” Maybe context is everything!

    Love that moon fabric!

  9. I know for a fact that if my kids went to the public or private school (we homeschool) that they would be kicked out!! My boys are well…boys and they love guns. Every picture they draw has either/or /both, guns and poop! Yup you read that right. They weren’t raised in a family that was gung ho about guns, and neither my husband nor I have a gun of any type…they are just interested in them…the history, what kinds were used during what time period, the size, the size of the ammo etc.
    Kids will be kids….the zombies!

  10. Cute shorts and I love the poses! Zombies huh? I can’t say my younger brother was ever obsessed with them, we was more of a trucks/planes/lego kind of boy.

  11. Your daughter has good taste! I like her combo too! Zombies…. Oh my. How fun life is with kids!

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