You are my sister

Many of you know what a huge influence Heather Ross has had on the sewing community and (if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time) on me. I am honored to call such an inspiring and talented artist my friend. She’s crazy funny as well. But here’s what I want to tell you: Heather’s twin sister, Christie, has been diagnosed with breast cancer and lacks proper insurance to pay for her treatments. This sort of financial burden could be completely devastating for their family. Heather has organized an event and auction at Hart’s Fabrics in Santa Cruz to help raise money to pay for Christie’s treatments.


If you have a moment, please click over to Heather’s blog to read her post about it, learn more details about the event, or simply leave your words of support. Tee shirts, signed posters, and tickets (both tickets for the event and raffle tickets for those who are not in California) are available through Heather’s webstore. Please consider supporting this event; it would mean so much to me and to Heather. Thank you, friends!!!

5 thoughts on “You are my sister

  1. Whenever I read something about cancer on an American blog, I’m shocked every single time by the fact that you guys have to worry about being able to *pay* for life-saving treatment. Of course cancer brings financial worries for patients in the UK too, because it might affect their ability to work, but to think that someone might not be able to get treatment because of a lack of money is so appalling! And to have that worry on top of everything else. I hope the fundraiser does its job for Christie and the treatment too.

    • I’m always shocked too Nina. Here in Australia its the same as in the UK – if you need treatment you get it. Lets hope that along with Christie getting the treatment she needs the US also will find a way to fix the system so it’s not based on money. Awful.

  2. Hi Rae. I have been reading your blog and sewing from your patterns for a while now but never commented. Living in Paris, it would quite complicated (and expensive ;-)) for me to get to the Santa Cruz event. I sent an email to Heather asking how I can help from here. Hope it’s possible. Thanks for having spread the word and for being a friend

  3. Wish I could be there in person, but I just bought a raffle ticket and will try to spread the word…so sad, wishing Heather and her sister the best!!

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