Geranium Dress Pattern in sizes 6-12 is here!

I know many of you have been waiting and waiting for this, and I’m pleased to tell you that the Geranium Dress is now available in kids’ sizes 6-12! It’s just like the original version, but sized up to fit a bigger set. You can buy each size range separately, or combine the sizes by selecting the option you prefer in the listing (there’s a drop-down menu)!




The Geranium Dress is a sweet and incredibly versatile dress pattern that includes two views. View A features flutter sleeves, a gathered skirt (top or dress length), with an optional notched neckline and an optional patch pocket. View B features faux cap sleeves, a pleated skirt (top or dress length) with side-seam pockets and an optional cutout neckline. Both views feature a lined bodice for a lovely finished effect. See all pattern options.


Materials Needed:

Woven fabric (see yardage chart below)
lightweight fusible interfacing
4 buttons or snap for back closure


(click on charts to enbiggerate)



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The Geranium Dress in sizes 6-12 was tested by a group of fantastic testers! To see some of their pics, please click on this post:
Coming Soon: Geranium Dress in Larger Sizes!

A tutorial for adding trim to the Geranium Dress can be found here.

adding trim to geranium

27 thoughts on “Geranium Dress Pattern in sizes 6-12 is here!

  1. I cannot properly convey my excitement at this. Thank you, Rae!! My five year old has outgrown the 5T size and now I will be ready to make her a new dress that fits. Thank you!!!

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sorry to yell, but I am so excited!!!!! Thank you!!!!! I know what I’m sewing this weekend. I already bought my copy. πŸ™‚

  3. Hooray! I’ll definitely put this on my to-buy list. My daughter is just growing out of the patterns that I have for her.

    A few notes- I tried to click on the link of all options but flickr won’t let me see. It says I don’t have permission. Also, I tried to pin a picture of the dresses (not one of Clementine, just the hanging dresses on hangers) but pinterest wouldn’t let me pin. Hmm. Not sure if this is just me having these issues but thought you should know.

    • Hi Leslie! I just tinkered with the flickr settings for the “see all pattern options” link and I think it should work now. Let me know if you still can’t see it!

  4. Hi Rae! I am soooo excited to see the Geranium in larger sizes! Also…I sent you a time sensitive email. I thought I would try you here just in case. πŸ˜‰

  5. Hi, Rae! How stinkin fun! As the mom of girls that almost 2 years old and almost 8 years old, I am excited about this!

    Quick question though, are you providing any way for those of us who already purchased the dress in smaller sizes to take advantage of the bundle??

    • Hi Sheriece,

      We did send out a discount code for those who have already purchased the smaller pattern — can you reply to me one of your purchase receipts or download emails and let us know you didn’t get it? We’ll send it again!


  6. Oh my gosh Rae!!! You are my hero. My daughter has been prancing around in a Washi shirt I made and I came here to check if you had a pattern in her size. Winner winner chicken dinner! Thanks for the pattern!!!

  7. Hi

    I’m excited about this pattern; I love the faux-cap sleeves especially.

    Question: How can I convert the back to use elastic shirring instead of buttons/zippers? My older girls really enjoy dressing themselves and elastic is much easier for five and six year olds.

    My thought is toprint extra pieces in reverse and tape the back bodice and back skirt pieces together as one large pattern piece (like the washi dress pattern) I’ll have to fill in extra space on the bodice, but I think the width of the skirt will be enough to allow the dress to pull over the head and body. However, this will leave me with a huge neckline. Should I tilt the pattern pieces so the neckline is the same but the bodice bottom is open far enough to meet the skirt? I’m not sure how to work this . . . .

    Can you help?

  8. The sizes for dress of several age groups have come in very handy. I am a first time granny and love to sew. Have plenty of spare pieces of cloth which can be used for baby dresses. hank U

  9. love this pattern!! Would you ever consider making a printed pattern for people that don,t have a printer?? I would definatly buy this and other patterns in print! thanks

  10. Hi Rae,
    Also wondering if there is any way a printed pattern could be mailed, of course I pay postage? My printer is on the blink and I am very excited to make my two granddaughters these little dresses for Christmas. Love this pattern and have never made anything other than a commercial pattern. Very excited.
    Thanks a bunch…

    • So sorry, we don’t have a printed version available. You could try a local printer, or even go to your library with the file?

      • Hi Rae,
        Thanks so much for getting back to me. I just got my printer working and downloaded the pattern just fine. Today I got some Christmas fabric for the girls and I am all set. Your pattern is very easy to follow and I thank you for that.
        Make a great day.

  11. Could you tell us a bit about the fabric you used for the samples on the pattern cover. I love linen look, but am not sure just what it is or where to find it.

  12. I posted this comment on regarding the smaller sized pattern, but meant to post it here. It would be great if you could include the dimensions of the skirt pieces for each size. That would allow us to skip printing the multiple pages, taping them together, then cutting or tracing. I’m off now to the sewing room to make one more of these cute dresses for another granddaughter, another size so a bit more futzing before I can get to the actual sewing.

    Thanks for a cute pattern.

  13. I’m so excited! My daughter whom I lovingly cal Lil G will look adorable in this! Thank you for big G!

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