Parsley Shorts Roundup

I thought it was about time we did a roundup to show all of the great SHORTS you guys have been making with the Parsley Pants Pattern (here’s the Pants-Into-Shorts How-to).

Kids can really wear any color and print combo and look cool, but I think shorts in particular lend themselves to more wild and playful motifs than pants.  I also love the patchwork effect of colorblocking in a bunch of these photos.

Laura of Craftstorming made those green shorts (top right) as part of a ‘Mouk’ outfit for her son and blogged about it here.
parsley shorts roundup NEW.svg
Top: Left, Right. Bottom: Left, Right.

Look at these kids workin’ it! Clearly Parsley shorts are made for serious fun.  I love Jane’s idea to make swimming shorts for her kids (middle).  Check out the ensuing water fight here (and a great photo tutorial on how to sew those stripes).

parsley shorts 1
Above: Left, Middle, Right.

Have you ever seen anyone so elated to be wearing shorts?  For a closer look at that adorable Red Riding Hood linen print (middle top), read Katy’s blog post here.

parsley shorts roundup 2
Above: Left, Middle Top, Middle Bottom, Right.

This only scratches the surface of the Parsley Photo Pool on Flickr. Go take a look at all the cuteness, and add your own renditions of Parsley, too!

And, hey! FYI Kids Clothes Week Summer 2013 edition is happening next week. Check out the blog here; and they have a new website where you can create a user account here.

3 thoughts on “Parsley Shorts Roundup

  1. Thanks so much for including my car shorts and board shorts in the roundup Rae! I simply love the Parsley pant pattern…can’t wait to make actual pants this fall! 🙂

  2. Gah! You added my shorts! I am so honored and my daughter is freaking out! She feels famous 🙂
    I’m also looking forward to making some pants in this summers KCW for back to school. Thanks for the great pattern Rae!

  3. Ahh I wondered why I was getting traffic from your website! Thanks for featuring my shorts. I have serious trouble getting her out of them, she loves wearing them so much. Great pattern!

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