Yellow Striped Peplum


I mentioned earlier this week that I had made more than one peplum top; this one was supposed to be the “muslin” version of the Briar Rose peplum, since this yellow striped knit is a rather inexpensive (maybe $6/yard?) knit and therefore seemed like a small loss if things went horribly awry compared to cutting right into the Briar Rose jersey. I mean, here’s how I think about it: $6 on a top is ridiculous; it’s about a coffee and a half at Starbucks, and there was a fair chance it would be pretty cute. Sewing is like that; sometimes you have to take a bit of a risk and just hope for a nice result. Personally I think that makes things more exciting. Since knit fabrics don’t exactly have the equivalent of “muslin” (I talk about making a muslin in this post), I often test out a pattern on an old tee that has made it into the thrift pile or use less expensive material.


This top differs slightly from the other one because I used just one piece for the skirt (the entire 50″-something width of the fabric), instead of the two 44″ pieces I used for the strawberry version. And now, looking at the photos, I think I might actually like this width better (*bangs head against wall at the thought of tearing out the strawberry skirt to make it narrower*). So I guess I should check with you guys first; it DOES look better with the less-poofy skirt, right?

Update: the Isla Dress & Top Pattern is now available! buy now


Fabric: I ordered this stripe (along with some other amazing garment fabrics) from Dry Goods Design, though I’ve seen this particular stripe in a few other knit shops online. So it may be pretty easy to find. It seems to be a pretty popular fabric, since I also spotted it on Jessica’s bio pic, and I know my friend Emily has made a Flashback Tee for Penelope because we wore them on the same day. That is a hilarious picture, by the way; do make sure to click over and look at it.

The arms are bound with a peachy-pink knit which I personally think looks pretty cool juxtaposed with the golden yellow. Probably not the most traditional color combination, but I like it.

In other news…

I got my first real samples of my new flannel line, Fanfare, from Cloud 9 today, and I’m uber-excited to start sewing with them! It’s supposed to ship to stores next month. You can see a peek at the bundle I got in this Instagram pic.

Clementine’s birthday party is this weekend; she’ll turn 4 next Tuesday (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!). Here’s the post from her birthday last year. I want to finish a new birthday dress for her tomorrow but I’m not sure if I’ll have time. And I should also probably figure out what to do for her party, eh? *facepalm*

25 thoughts on “Yellow Striped Peplum

  1. I like the width on the stripe one better. But that is just how I would wear it as I have bigger hips and wouldn’t want to emphasize them more than necessary.
    Both versions look amazing on you!

  2. Hate to say it but I do like the stripey one better… But so much work to redo briar rose one, so if it were I, I would be way too lazy! It’s cute as is :). Happy birthday C! I started following you right after she was born- cant believe that’s already been 4 years!

  3. the color combo is spot on! that was the first thing I noticed about the stripey top. I clearly thought, ‘mmmm I really like those colors!’

  4. Love the mustard and peach combo. Would not have even thought of that combination, but it looks so cool.

    How did you finish the bottom? Kind of looks like piping, but maybe just left it raw edged and that’s how it rolls?

    • I just left it raw — it does roll a bit, but because it’s a jersey it really won’t fray at all.


  5. I love the full skirt on this one in this knit, but the less full strawberry one in that knit…knits are so funny, they can fit completely differently depending on the weight/stretch, right? So…um…both? Love the binding choice on this one though, real nice.

  6. Yep, the yellow stripe one is way better, really cute! The skirt part just flows better I think. Also, still waiting to see if you will produce a pattern for that gorgeous green pintuck blouse you showed us a couple of months ago – it was a total winner in my books.

  7. I like the skirt on the striped one better. But with briar rose only being 45 inch wide would you cut two 26 inch pieces to make the equivalent of the 54″?

  8. my go-to “muslin” for knit is jersey “t-shirt” sheets … once in a while I can even score one at the thrift store!

  9. Ohhhh….love that on you! And yes, the yellow skirt on the peplum looks better on that one. You are gorgeous as usual m’dear!

  10. Oooo, I love the stripey one too! Both are adorable on you though. Can’t wait to get my hands on your fabric line!! I love sewing with flannels. :).

  11. You’re right, the width of the striped top does work better. The striped version is also super freaking cute!

  12. this is adorable Rae! I love this mustard stripe so much, of course. 😉 I do like the width of the peplum on the striped better…grr! Don’t you hate when that happens! It is still SO adorable. 🙂

  13. I definitely think the yellow striped top is cuter! The smaller skirt looks nicer, somehow. But, what can I say, I love stripes!

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