Geranium Dresses!

Every time I look at the Geranium Dress flickr pool, I can’t help but emit little squeaks, ooohs, and awws at all the beauties in there. The Geranium pattern has proven to be so versatile — as a dress or a tunic with different styles (sleeves/no sleeves/ruffle sleeves/pockets/no pockets), and it’s popping up as anything from totally casual play dresses all the way on up to fancy flower girl dresses!

I must also commend you on the fine photography in the photo pool.  You’re capturing the little girls in your lives at such candid moments.  Here are a few of my favorites from this summer:


Rachel blogged about her daughter’s dress here.

I love the Briar Rose prints she selected for this dress, and she certainly got some great photos!


Via Flickr


Via Flickr

Geranium Mosaic 1

Above TOP Left to Right: 1. Peachy Geranium, 2. P7271888, 3. Geranium Dress

BOTTOM Left to Right: 4. IMG_2738, 5. a bunch of geranium dresses, 6. Surfing Space Robots!

Playing with fabric combinations for this dress has been really fun.  Sometimes you just get a tiny peek of the lining, but those details are delightful! Jessica blogged about this one here (love love love that Lizard print):

lizards geranium

Via Flickr

And some more fun fabric combos:
Above TOP Left to Right: 1. Geranium dress with modifications 3T, 2. Tsuru Geranium
Bottom Left to Right: 3. LAUNCHED!!!, 4. Maggie Geranium top.

TOO CUTE!! Here’s a first birthday dress:


Via Flickr

And another first birthday. This photo absolutely slays me:
Bronwyn's 1st birthdayVia Flickr

I’ve always figured Geranium could be a year-round staple in any little girl’s wardrobe.  Here are a few gearing up for cooler weather by layering with t-shirts and jeans or leggings. Geranium Fall Mosaic

Above TOP Left to Right: plaid with yellow shirt, pink tunic

BOTTOM Left to Right: red boots, pink with flowers

Kimmie copied a doll dress that her great grandmother had made ages ago. So cool.
My copycat dress
Via Flickr

More cuties (some with Peekaboo Bonnets!):


Above TOP Left to Right: 1. Geranium top, 2. Geranium Dress and Peekaboo Bonnet,
BOTTOM Left to Right: 3. Mads’ Washi Geranium Dress, 4. A summer geranium 2

Vintage Geranium Dress

Via Flickr, and groovily blogged here.


Via Flickr and Kelly blogged about it here.


Via Flickr, and Rachel blogged about it here.

You can see even more adorable Geranium Dresses in the Geranium Dress Flickr Pool!

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  1. I’ve been having so much fun with the Geranium pattern! My daughter has 4 of them hanging in her closet and she uses them all the time. Thanks for featuring my polka dot and plaid Geranium tunic in your roundup!

  2. Squee! I see my Maggie Geranium in there! Thank you for including me! So. Many. Pretty. Dresses. I want to make like ten more. Right now.

  3. I would like to make these for my granddaughters, can the back be made like the regular washi dress?

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