Striped Maxi Dress



  • I cut and sewed this dress yesterday. It was on my Summer Sew list and I figured I’d better get moving.
  • Knit garments can be made really quickly when you own a serger. This dress has four seams, so it was like lightning.
  • I love it when things you’ve been putting off take almost no time to throw together.
  • I’ve never felt the maxi dress was much of a friend to the sewing mama…it really makes a poor effort to hide the post-partum belly, bearing in mind that my “baby” has just turned four, ahem. And then, horizontal stripes…
  • You better believe I am sucking it in for these pictures. Big time.
  • More info on the knit I used in this post.
  • I tried to line the stripes up, I really did. I swear there is some rule in the universe that if Rae Tries to Line Up Stripes They Will Not Line Up and when Rae Doesn’t Try They Will Magically Align.
  • Also let’s just ignore the fact that I cut the back with the stripes in the opposite order than in the front.
  • This pattern was taken from the Alabama Chanin Studio Sewing and Design book, though I did not sew anything here by hand, and I eliminated the front and back seams by placing that edge of the pattern along the fold.
  • Jamie Christina also has a fantastic maxi pattern if you’re looking for one.
  • We are going to a Great Wolf Lodgey place this weekend with Mr Rae’s family. I have never been to one before. I think it will be fun. I will be sporting my new maxi dress with pride.
  • What’s on your summer sew list yet? It’s time to get moving on it before it’s too late!


25 thoughts on “Striped Maxi Dress

  1. Super cute! While in school at MSU I had lengthy winter daydreams about an indoor beach somewhere within driving distance. So cool that it’s a reality! Last time I went to one there was also a mojito bar on wheels. Bonus.

  2. Mmmmmmmm maxi dress. Looks so comfy, and love that it looks like you can wear a bra with it too. That’s my biggest issue with maxi dresses – tank ones show straps, spaghetti strap ones same issue…GAH. Anyway have fun at the Lodge. Never been to one, heard they’re a blast though.

  3. I resisted the maxi dress (in the same way I resisted the skinny pant), but I just love long skirts and dresses. I now have four, with fabric to make two more. Summer lasts a long time here, thank goodness.

    Love this knit! You’ve converted me to Girl Charlee, fo sho.

  4. This dress is so cute on you! I love maxi dresses, but you are right about the belly…I usually wear loose shirts layered on top for a little belly camouflage. Your opposite stripes can easily be called a design feature πŸ™‚

  5. If, like me, you prefer to breath out at some point while you wear this: Spanx. Very cute with the stripes and it looks just great on you, suckin in or no.

  6. I’m starting to think the post-partum belly never goes away…. although you look great in that dress!

    I bought some linen in May to make my son some pants… I should probably get on that.

    PS I love the mis-matched stripes. I thought you did in on purpose!

  7. SO CUTE! I love maxi dresses! I agree though, they aren’t great for PP bellies… though I don’t see one in the pictures!

  8. Perfect timing! I just finished a maxi dress last night. I’m in this mad dash to finish my summer sewing before the cold weather comes!

  9. Maxi dresses are so cute on everyone else but I look at least 4 months preggers in one! Boo :(. Oh and I just realized that none of the stripes in my store bought clothes line up so why bother trying when I sew?

  10. Love those easy projects! Have you tried a cute belt with it? It’s counterintuitive to put a belt on when you don’t want people to look at your middle, but if you put it around the thinnest part of your waist it will actually make your waist look smaller.

  11. Sucking it in, ha! I tried Spanx (or rather, its lesser cousin, Assets) and while I looked good and felt OK in the AM, I found that by late afternoon, I couldn’t breathe very well. You look great and the dress is smashing, so exhale and let it hang out, don’t fret about your appearance. πŸ™‚

  12. great job! The dress looks great on you, and a very easy summer comfortable wearable! Love it when I too do projects that whip up quickly! Makes those longer ones not so tedious anymore! Beautiful job!

    What is not on my summer to-make list? No doubt my list will bleed carelessly into fall. No matter…I enjoy it.

  13. You know, I thought the stripe line-up was kind of cool because the black stripes seemed to line up nearly perfectly. Love those Alabama Chanin patterns. You inspired me to try one with the babydoll top you did, and now I’ve been sewing a ton of them (I’m wearing the corset tank right now). I really love them inside out, no serging, because you get a cool detail from the seams that way, almost like you sewed ribbon on. I don’t think I’m explaining that well. Also, wanted to tell you that Great Wolf Lodge is awesome with kids (or if you are a grown-up type kid). Hope you enjoy! I have a dress to copy and maybe some kid shorts from Dana’s pattern to make. We’ll see. I’m folliwng the sewing mantra of the Selfish Seamstress lately and only making stuff for me. πŸ™‚

  14. My first thought. Wow, that’s so cute. She looks amazing. She can totally wear this with her perfect figure. I could never wear this. Well, then I read your post and was like: Hmm, seems like she had the same thoughts. Maybe I just go and try it…

  15. The heck with sucking it in. If you can’t be comfortable in a knit maxi, when can you? I made two of them in the past week so you aren’t alone in waiting until late in the summer season. McCall 6559 is very similar to the Jamie Christian pattern; that’s what I used.

    As for the stripes matching, it’s all in the layout. If the pieces aren’t lined up before cutting out, there is nothing you can do. Lots of pins is the second secret. Lay it out properly and pin the heck out of it and it’ll look seamless.

  16. Gorgeous dress, it looks lovely on you. Also, I just thought you’d run the stripes on the back in the opposite direction on purpose.

  17. I think it looks fabulous ! And my second thought is I still haven’t lst the baby weight and my child just turned 5 so thank you for your honesty about sucking it in πŸ˜‰ and I love that it took you no time to whip it up ! Inspiring all around !

  18. My twin girls who are now 23 years old said i need to quit using the “I had twins” belly excuse. Trust me girl you look awesome!! I love the dress! I also have the flabby underarms which i hate. Well now there i guess i feel better or worse about myself. Oh well. Off to walk around the block and lift weights.

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