Summer Washi roundup

Let’s do a little dive into the Washi Dress photo pool, shall we? We are just a week shy of my Washi Dress Pattern’s first birthday! I love wearing my Washis, and it thrills me to see how many of you wear yours, too. Β I never could have imagined the proliferation of this pattern. What lovely specimens you have all created!!

washi dresses

Jemellia blogged about her closetful of Washis (above)Β here. She decided to sew a Washi every day for a week. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? I am totally amazed.

Washi Dress V1

Check out Megan’s first Washi! Love the paisley print.

summer washi 5
Above: Left, Right.

summer washi 2

Above: Top Left, Top Right (and Venus posted a little photo montage of a Washi Robot Dance here).

Bottom Left, Bottom Right.

As it happens, Washi makes a stunning maternity dress!

Washi Dress #2

Katie blogged about hers (above)Β here. And now for a couple of others:

summer washi 1
Above: Left, Right.

While this pattern is always a great excuse to wear some wild-n-crazy prints, sometimes it’s nice to tone it down a bit with solid colors and color blocks.

summer washi 4
Above: Left, Middle, Right.

Sometimes when you start making Washi Dresses, you just can’t stop. This person is clearly addicted:


photo via

I love this maxi version of the dress:


photo via

Just a few more to wrap up our roundup:

summer washi 3
Above: Top Left, Top Right. Bottom Left, Bottom Right.

summer washi 6

Above: Left, Right (hello, what fun!).

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. I wish I could show them all, but I can’t!!! You’ll just have to click over to the Washi Flickr Pool so you can ooh and aah over them for yourself!

25 thoughts on “Summer Washi roundup

  1. Hey ! It’s my dresses ! And yes I am quite clearly addicted ! Never had a pattern fit so well ever ! Thanks for showing them x

  2. Thanks for including me in the roundup! Seeing all these fun, summery washis make me think i need to get the pattern back out and find some fun new fabric. Great inspiration!

  3. I LOVE all the Washis! I especially love the solid colored ones and the color blocked ones. It’s on my mental to-do list to give it a try in a knit. Has anybody done that?

    • It’s not *great* in knit (for instance, you never see a knit pattern with bust darts), but I think if you taped out the bust dart and went down a size or two, it could work! πŸ™‚

  4. Weee!!!
    Thanks Rae, for showing my wash dresses! Such an awesome dress and it’s even more awesome that you have it in “Venus” size!
    *doin’ my robot dance*

  5. I bought fabric specifically to make a washi dress, but I haven’t bit the bullet yet. While I’ve made costumes for the kiddos, I have not made something wearable for myself that I felt looked good (one skirt and one peasant blouse I was not pleased with).
    I may go ahead and get the pattern as a birthday present to myself πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Rae,

    Just wondering if I can make the dress in rayon (I have some lovely polka dots). Thanks for the post, this is a wonderfully flattering dress.

  7. do the different necklines come in one pattern? i would like to order soon but i like just the scoop neckline the best.


  8. Hi Rae,
    I’m a total beginner and still learning through trial and error. I got a pattern from Simplicity and honestly haven’t been brave enough to try it. I’ve downloaded other patterns (mostly for my baby) and been pleased with the results but they’ve been super simple. I cannot do bias tape and many, many seam ripper incidents later, I’ve given up and been very happy with facing instead. Given all this, do you think I could manage the Washi dress? Kudos to all those with pics here and on the photostream – it’s inspirational!

    • Oh I should probably add that I have a MOUNTAIN of cotton to get through before I can allow myself to buy any more fabrics. Would this be OK to use for the Washi or would something with more ‘flow’ or ‘drape’ be better?

  9. Curious if anyone has made this dress nursing g friendly? I love the dress but will be nursing for forsee able future

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