‘Tis the Season for Backpacks!

I can hardly believe that some kids are already back in school! August school seems totally wrong to me, especially since it’s just starting to feel like summer here in the Midwest. Some of you have been thinking ahead though and have already been sewing backpacks using my Toddler Backpack Pattern for the coming school year. I love the print combos on this one. Are those tiny polka dots on the aqua fabric? Why yes, they are.

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I’m always a sucker for transportation prints.  Kokka really pulls out all the stops with the Echino line (the two on either side below).  Don’t you think someone needs to make a backpack Right. Now. with the scooter print??And those bicycles in the middle are just about the best; they look sweet with orange piping.

backpack roundup 2
Above: Blue CarsBicycles, Busses & Cars

Here are some playful versions.  The ruffles on the top right are amazing.  Who needs pockets when you can have ruffles?

backpack roundup 1
Above: ElephantRuffles, DogsStar Wars

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The PDF pattern also comes with instructions to enlarge the backpack to fit school-aged children like this one:


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If you just don’t have enough sewing machine hours between now and when your littles go back to school, take a look at the Made By Rae Sellers Pool on Flickr!  You’ll find some awesome backpacks for sale there, with links to registered sellers’ shops.

Now get thee to a sewing machine and whip up some Toddler Backpacks! When you’re done, share them in the Backpack Photo Pool on Flickr!

10 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season for Backpacks!

  1. Is that bicycle fabric still available somewhere? I’m thinking I need to make my little guy a backpack with it!

  2. i just received fabric today to make my daughter one for kindergarten that starts on monday…eek…hope i have enough time!

  3. I used that elephant fabric to make my daughter’s first day of preschool dress. (Your Geranium dress pattern, actually.) Now I’m coveting that backpack, but I don’t have nearly enough fabric left over.

  4. I was scrolling through wondering if you’d seen my backpack, then bam! there it was, it’s always a bit of a thrill to see one of my photos on a blog, so thanks! It’s a great and practical pattern and lots if fun to sew too, I highly recommend it!

  5. Oh my gosh the one with the ruffles! My daughter would absolutely LOVE that. And my son would love one with schoolbuses on it! I think this pattern might just have to join my collection too!

  6. Oooo these are great! I don’t have kids yet, but I’m a part-time nanny and every time I go to get the kids at school I’m horrified by the volume of Disney backpacks. I definitely want to practice these so as soon as I have my own I can make them unique backpacks!

  7. My nylon straps on my daughter’s backpack frayed after her using it for just a few weeks. It was wear the straps were attached to the body of the backpack, I did reinforce it by sewing over it several times, any ideas how to better sew these in?

    • Hi Emily — If you stitch across the ends of the straps a few times back and forth before you put them in, and leave a bit more excess strap at that seam, you’ll avoid any fraying. It sounds like the ends of the strap didn’t quite get secured at that seam. Stitching over that seam a few times when the straps are attached to the backpack will also help. Just a matter of adding some extra reinforcing stitches.

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