Tomato Rayon Top, for me

A couple of weeks ago when I posted my favorite fabrics for clothing, I mentioned that one of them was rayon challis. Today I wanted to show you a top I made with one of Anna Maria Horner’s Field Study rayon challis prints.


UPDATE: This pattern is now available as the Bianca Pattern

I designed this top pattern for myself a couple of years ago and have used it twice since then to make two other variations that you might remember: the first version was this Liberty Top, and the second one was this pink voile tunic. It definitely satisfies my criteria for an awesome pattern — flattering fit, no zippers, easy to sew…so it’s no surprise I keep coming back to it. I already have another one in my head to sew up soon!


But let’s talk about the rayon challis. One of the reasons I love wearing this top is because the fabric is SO. FREAKING. AMAZING. I love how it flows, is easy to sew with, and washes nicely. It’s silky without being slippery, lightweight without being sheer. LOVE IT. In fact, I just ordered a bunch more from Anna Maria’s shop the other day so I can make more out of it. It’s just a great garment fabric for blouses and dresses.

One thing I want to mention about sewing my own clothes is that it always seems to be a bit of a process; if I want to end up wearing the things I make, I often have to tear out, redo, or edit. They don’t just magically materialize — but that’s part of the fun for me, the fact that it’s a bit of a puzzle to solve. Here’s a photo of the original length of this top, so maybe you can see what I’m talking about. (I actually made this top for the Spring Top Sewalong back in April, but then disliked the length, so it’s been sitting on a shelf for a couple of months.)


As soon as I saw that picture, I could see it was too long. It’s not terrible, just not great. Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and realized something looked unflattering on you? I just felt like it wasn’t hitting in the right place. So I shortened it and now…much better!


I guess sometimes it can be frustrating not to have something come out perfectly the first time…but maybe that’s just a personal thing. Do you like to edit? Or do you prefer when things sew up exactly as planned?

35 thoughts on “Tomato Rayon Top, for me

  1. Awesome! Yet again I beg of you to make this a pattern. Or perhaps a tutorial on how to draft our own version? All three of the tops you have made are great, but this one is my fave!

  2. Clothes I sew for myself kind of evolve too! 🙂 I actually have a self drafted tee/tunic/dress incredibly similar to that with the exception of the elastic or shirring that you used on the sides. I think that might help mine look more flattering. Can you explain a little what you did? and perhaps what the back looks like (is there elastic there or not?) Thanks!!

  3. very very cute!! yes, the length is so much more flattering. unfortunately, this is what sometimes keeps me from sewing…. not knowing if it will be flattering or not until i’m done!!

  4. Nice top! I like the long version as well. I don’t like to adjust after sewing, I want it to be perfect the first time. And if it isn’t… I just put it aside and think of what to do with it.

  5. I too would love it if you would sell this as a pattern!! Or at least a tutorial on the neckline! I’ve been wanting to make a Staple dress and after seeing a Flickr pick of it with this neckline, I would love to try it! Thanks for listening!

  6. Please make this into a pattern! It’s adorable. I need something to break up my Washi sewing sprees. 🙂

  7. Love this version of the top! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a pattern of this version and sell it? I will buy it!

  8. I’m just here to beg you to publish this pattern too! Your Washi Dress pattern just worked so well that I want another pattern to add to my wardrobe!

  9. I love how all three of these shirts look SO different yet you didn’t have to fuss with muslining three different patterns to work them out / you were just able to tweak it enough to give them their own individual flavor. I totally bought a burda pattern the other day that I couldn’t even figure out why I liked it so much and then I realized it’s basically the pink voile tunic just with the elastic/casing stuff a little lower (which I will move higher!!).

  10. Another vote for a pattern, pleeeez! Looks so cute and comfy and like it would definitely look different in different fabrics or with different neckline options….and yes, the new length is perfect on you. Good tweak.

  11. Wow! I love this pattern, your tops are simply amazing!!!
    I beg of you to make this a pattern, please!!!!

  12. A lovely top, I too hope you’ll turn this into a pattern for us! I was actually looking at this exact range online today and wondering whether to take the leap – postage to Australia being pricey – and I couldn’t find a useful review. Then up you popped in my inbox! Magic!

  13. This looks fantastic and the shorter length is much more flattering.. dangit now I want to sew one! Are you going to share the pattern!?

  14. Yes, please make this a pattern available for purchase! I don’t like to sew for myself because my time is so limited. If it doesnt fit the first time, i move on to something else. But this looks like it would be a quick sew (constructed in 2 pieces, right?)!

  15. This is such a sweet little top. I like both lengths – I didn’t think the longer version was unflattering! But perhaps the shorter version is more fun and in keeping with the look of the fabric. I’ve been obsessing over that neckline lately too – very cute! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  16. The more I sew the more I love everything you say from, “It’s exhausting to to try to create and sew and photograph and blog about it,” to “Holy Wow my kids are growing” to “Look I made myself something!” You help me to be brave and see that I can really make stuff. It could workout!

  17. This top is absolutely gorgeous!!
    I would LOVE to have one for me (and I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one)!
    Please make this pattern for sale, and since I’m asking I would love to buy the pattern that you’ve used for the ‘Flying Cranes skirt’ as well!

  18. Please please please release it as a pattern! It looks great on you and I could imagine it would look also great on “new” moms (with baby in- or outside)! So as we both will be in this state soon it would be a nice gift to ourselfes 😉

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