Elephant scarf and lounge pants by Whipstitch

Our next stop on the Fanfare blog tour is Whipstitch! Deborah sewed two adorable projects with Fanfare, including this great quick release scarf out of the elephant flannel.

image via, used with permission

Her little guy is such a cutie!! Love the thumbs up. And I love the idea of making a scarf with flannels; it’s sure to be nice and warm! Deborah shares a quick how-to for this scarf in this post. And for her SECOND post of the day (this woman is a machine I tell you!!!), check out these great elephant lounge pants for her daughter:

image via, used with permission

You have to read Deborah’s posts; she always cracks me up. Just as funny on her blog as in real life. For instance…the elephants? Hee.

image via, used with permission

Those cuffs (and little toes) are so great. Head over to Whipstich to see her posts and more pics of these adorable projects in action!!



And if you missed Probably Actually‘s Fanfare baby outfit and crib sheet this morning, make sure you check out this post too!

Fanfare is printed on 100% organic flannels from Cloud9 Fabrics and is being sold in shops now. For a list of shops that have stocked the line, see this post.

2 thoughts on “Elephant scarf and lounge pants by Whipstitch

  1. Thanks so much for including me! I may or may not currently have 12+ yds of various other Fanfare prints on my cutting table, waiting to be lounge wear for the rest of the family. Those foxes are the STUFF, yo! Love this fabric so much–congrats again, Rae!!

  2. I didn’t think I liked flannel. But I was so inspired by these adorable lounge pants that I made my daughter (20 months) a pair of simple elastic-waste pants with some flannel I had on hand. And I love them! They are adorable, and they look so comfy. I want some for myself!!

    Anyway, I am now in the market for a LOT MORE FLANNEL – including, of course, some of the fanfare collection.

    Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

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