Fall Pattern Preview: Josephine!


Introducing Josephine, a new sewing pattern coming later this fall! UPDATE: Josephine is now available


I’m so. excited. to show you this first fall pattern preview — it’s kind of in the early stages yet but I just couldn’t wait to show you these photos. I love the pleats. I love the sleeves. And this rayon fabric is divine.


Josephine will have both a top and tunic view (this is the tunic length). As you can see it can be worn as a mini-dress as well as with jeans or leggings, and the top will be slightly longer than hip length. The belt will be included, along with two different width sleeves.



Do you love it? I love it. Can’t wait.

64 thoughts on “Fall Pattern Preview: Josephine!

  1. Cute – Might be something I’d like to try and force me to sew for myself again. I’d be interested in testing it as well.

    • haha that’s awesome. I actually thought about calling it “Josie” because we have “Ruby” and “Washi” which both have that sound at the end…but then Josephine just seemed to fit this one better.


  2. I’ve been hoping for months and months to see this one! Wow, SO excited to see this one become a pattern at last. Hooray!

  3. I do love this Rae, you are on a roll! Keep them coming because I truly love that my wardrobe is now moving towards more handmade than store bought!

  4. This looks great, Rae! I love poet sleeves, and the pleats sweeten the deal. I’ll be making the top version, for sure.

    Good luck finalizing the pattern! I’d love to help…

  5. can’t wait! I have just the piece of fabric for this…if you’re looking for testers let me know I’ve been sewing a very long time and would love the chance!!

  6. Oh the new pattern is beautiful. Right up my alley. A quick question. What type of tape do you use to tape the pdf pattern peices together? I am getting ready to make a Washi.

  7. I love the neckline and pleats! And I’m into the skinny belted look that you have going on with this too. Sigh. Just another thing I can rule out sewing for myself because of nursing Lol.

  8. I just LOVE this one!! Are you going to need testers for it? I promise I will whip it out quickly. I’m a bit on the ahem busty side, so I wear an 18, plus I have the hereditary permanent post baby bump. EVERY woman in my mother’s bloodline has a “pooch” as she calls it. The best part about testing is getting the pattern faster. grin πŸ™‚ I am learning to be a commenter, and not just a lurker. It has been fun to watch your business grow, you are so talented!

  9. I also wanted to let you know that I really appreciate that you make patterns in larger sizes for us bigger girls! I have been putting it off, havint a hard time spending money on myself, but I am going to buy your Washi dress today. I keep seeing it pop up in different patterns all over the internet.

  10. Rae, I love this! I recall a beautiful emerald green blouse you made around the time of spring top SAL- and I was hoping you would make it into a pattern, because I loved it so much. Is this that pattern? I’m glad there are two sleeve options, not being as slender as you, I don’t think billowy sleeves would look so great in me, although you pull the look off splendidly!. Also, if you need a pregnant lady tester, lemme know! (Warning, I’m a beginning sewer!)

  11. Oh crap that is beyond beautiful! I still haven’t made a Washi!!! I. Better. Get. On. It!!!!!!!!!!! I’m already going to order fabric for this tunic btw.

  12. Oooh, pretty! Definitely will be buying this one, I really like the sleeves.

    btw, your hair is really pretty lol πŸ™‚

  13. This is so me. Excited for the release of your pattern. I am going to be good and start going thru my stash for the perfect fabric, before I head out and purchase something else to put back in my stash. Thank you for all your lovely patterns and work.

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