First Day!


First grade. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!. Last year, after I posted his first day picture on the blog, my mom pointed out that the t-shirt he was wearing was one she had given him when he was three.


Well. This year, I had no intention of sending him to school looking anything but dapper, so I made him this little elephant shirt out of this adorable (and soft) Kokka canvas and the industrial snap press my friend Karen left at my studio last week (yeehaw!). He loves elephants — has to do with the letter E — so he was pleased with it. Though it may have taken a bit of coercion to get him to choose it over his other well-worn tees this morning. Ahem.

I’m sorting through pictures from last week’s trip to Columbus today, so I hope to have some photos on the blog for you soon. That and a few more Best of Quilt Market posts for you this week. And maybe a new pattern? Wouldn’t that be fun? We’ll see!!

Have a great day!!

13 thoughts on “First Day!

  1. is he going to pose like this every year? all the way through college? haha. love you e! hope you have a great first day!!

  2. I have an Emma and her favorite animal is an elephant! And yes, because “E starts elephant and E starts Emma”.

    Could this kids hair get ANY blonder?! Such a cutie:) good luck in 1st grade!

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