Ruby Dress & Top Pattern is here!


The Ruby Dress and Top Sewing Pattern is a great project for the beginner sewist who wants to give garment sewing a try! The pattern features a contrast yoke and gathers for a comfortable and flattering fit without the need for bust darts, zippers, or closures. The armholes and neckline are bias-bound for an easy finish. Six women’s sizes (XS-XXL) in two lengths are included; the dress falls above the knee, while the top ends right at the hip.

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This pattern is delivered via instant download as a 23-page PDF eBook which features full-color photographs and diagrams, step by step instructions, and plenty of tips and hints. We’ve also included a special “Seam Finishes Appendix” in this pattern with instructions for my favorite seam finishes, as well. All pattern pieces are full-sized pattern and include seam allowances.


Sizes Included
This pattern comes in a range of six women’s sizes, from XS through XXL.  Please refer to the charts below to find your size.  The Upper Bust and Bust measurements are the most important for getting the right fit. For more guidance on that, see the “Adjusting Fit” section below.



Adjusting Fit
We recommend that you choose your size based on the Upper Bust and Bust measurements in the Size Chart above. Once you’ve selected a size, compare your hip measurement to the Finished Measurement chart to make sure you will have enough ease in the hips. The recommended minimum ease is four inches, and some people prefer more than that. If you want to add more width/ease to the dress, you have a few options:

  • slide the pattern piece for the front (and/or back) of the dress away from the fold of the fabric when cutting it out to add more width (this will also add width in the bust area). For every 1/2″ you slide the pattern away from the fold, you’ll add 1″ to the overall width.
  • substitute a larger size for the lower part of the dress (this will also add width in the upper bust and bust area)
  • add a bit more width at the sides of the dress when you’re cutting out or tracing your pattern (this will keep the bust/upper bust the same). For every 1/2″ you add to each pattern piece, you’ll add 1″ to the overall width, due to the fold.

Adding length
The Ruby Dress is a pretty short dress, falling just above the knee on the average woman, and a bit higher on those of us who are taller (I’m 5’8″). I love the length on this dress because I think with this style it’s most flattering if you show a little leg or wear it with skinny jeans or leggings (in which case, higher is better). You’ll also find that if you wear Ruby with a belt, it will land even higher up on the leg. But for those of you would like to add more length to the dress, you can easily do so by simply extending the bottom hem of the dress downward when you’re cutting it out. Remember that this will affect your yardage (for every 4″ in length you add, you’ll need 1/4 yard more fabric).

Materials Needed
For the most flattering fit, we recommend lighter fabrics with drape such as linen and rayon challis for the main body of the dress/top. Try experimenting with cotton prints, eyelet, or even lace for the yoke.


Here’s my latest finished version!!



A note about this version of the dress
I want to point something out about this version that is a bit different than the actual pattern, just to make sure there are no mix-ups: I used a different technique to finish the yoke with this particular dress, so instead of binding the armholes and neckline with bias tape (as the pattern shows), I lined the yoke so that it has two layers instead of one. It’s a nice way to finish the yoke, but it’s a bit more advanced and I didn’t want it to intimidate anyone, so I’ve made a video similar to the one for lining the Washi Dress. Click on the photo here to go straight to the page:

How to Sew a Ruby Dress with a lined yoke

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I’d love it if you’d post pictures of your finished Ruby Dresses and Tops to the Ruby Dress & Top Photo Pool on Flickr!

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33 thoughts on “Ruby Dress & Top Pattern is here!

    • I don’t have any plans for a sleeve tutorial, but I do have another pattern coming up with a sleeve that should fit Ruby; I’ll try that out and we’ll see!

      As far as the sleeve from Washi, I haven’t given it a try, so I don’t know, but I would guess it might work! You will just have to give it a try. With gathered sleeves it’s usually just a matter of adjusting the gathers until the armholes are the same size. 🙂

  1. Just yesterday I told myself, quite sternly, that I needed to finish a few sewing projects before planning more. This is testing my resolve.

  2. This looks so pretty! I was going to sign up for your skirt class tomorrow night, but Brenda told me she was rescheduling. I think I’m going to get up the courage to sign up for the Washi dress. I took Karen’s class for the staple dress and she is so awesome! She told me you guys were good friends 🙂 Would you say this pattern is easier or harder than the Washi dress?

  3. Strange question Rae, but I’m nursing my baby – do you think the top version has enough room in it to lift up to feed? I’m keen to sew myself some tops for summer (I’m in Australia) but looking for things that will work for both me and my baby.

    • Hi Rachel! So if I were nursing in this top, I’d probably slide the pieces away from the fold about 1/2″ to add 2″ total to the entire top, just to make it a bit more roomy. It’s definitely not fitted, so I don’t think you’d have any problem pulling it up, but I might want just a bit more room to move the top around.

      Hope that helps!!!

  4. yay, yay, and yay! that was so fast! so glad this came out already! it looks great and i have so many fabric ideas for to make tops! 🙂 am going to purchase it now! 🙂

  5. oh my goodness, you totally read my mind! I didn’t even know you were working on this pattern, but just the other night I was thinking how much i wished I could find a simple pattern for a yoke-front dress. Looks really cute – just what I need for my fall wardrobe!

  6. This may seem like an incredibly stupid question but would this work for knits at all?

    I love this dress and I hope to purchase the pattern soon. I can’t make any new purchases while I sill have something on the sewing machine, as it were.

  7. Hi!

    Were any of the testers larger sized women? I remember when the Washi came out there were tester photos of women in range of sizes (overall size and bust size) and it was helpful to me in determining if the Washi would be a good match of pattern to my body type (it was!) once alterations were done.

  8. So has anyone tried sleeves? I love my sleeveless one, but I’m planning one for fall with some purple linen, and sleeves would be welcome. Washi sleeves perhaps? 🙂

  9. Hi Rae–

    I’m in the midst of trying out this pattern and having an issue with the shoulder seams for the medium size. Are they supposed to match up? If I match them as is, the yoke doesn’t lay flat (@.@) Can you help? I wonder what I am doing wrong… cute pattern though! Can’t wait to wear the shirt…


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