Another Washi Dress with a big bow


I think the title pretty much sums it up. This is a Washi Dress that I made last winter, but I just added sleeves to it last week (it had a ruffle around the armhole that was really not working, just trust me on this one). I like the deeper colors of this striped voile for fall, and adding a sleeve makes it even more fall-esque. Perfect for leggings and boots with a big gray cable knit sweater (note to self: purchase gray cable knit sweater). This voile is part of Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush fabric line.


This bow is in fact even wider than the bow that will come with the soon-to-be-released Washi Expansion Pack (more details on that in this post); the voile was so lightweight that I thought I’d push the limit a bit and see how wide I could get away with. The result is very fun, if you like a big bow. Do you think this is TOO big for a big bow? I don’t think we have quite reached that point yet, but then again I’m always one for a big statement. For contrast, see this post for the “standard” big bow width I chose for the expansion pack.


I’ll be heading out to Texas at the end of this week for Quilt Market and a visit to my sister Elli of course, so now it’s time to decide which of my Washi Dresses to pack. Or figure what else I should try and make last-minute before I go! Should be fun.

24 thoughts on “Another Washi Dress with a big bow

  1. I’m not sure a big bow could *ever* be too big, but perhaps that’s a personal choice! Love the dress, love the fabric, love the bow! 🙂

  2. Super cute! Love all the options with this dress. Really looking forward to this expansion pack. Can we purchase extra time as well? Like an expansion pack on the day? Just a few hours. . that’s all I am asking 🙂

  3. Love it! This post just tipped me into the “yes I do need the washi pattern” category. Took me long enough. Might wait for the expansion pack as well.

  4. I think my favorite sentence is where you say, “I’m always one for a big statement.” Haha! That is SO Rae.

    Love this version, too!!

  5. How about a Washi neckline option that allows you to breastfeed in the dress. I bought beautiful fabric, sewed up a dress and then realized I can’t nurse in it. SO bummed! So now it sits in the closet until I am done nursing. I may just have to whip up a couple of the tank versions!

    • Hi Mary,

      This version has a front center seam; inserting an invisible zip instead of sewing the seam shut in the first step would make this nursing friendly!

  6. Alright- I just bought the expansion pack and would love to make a large bow dress with these sleeves and add an invisible zipper for nursing. Do I follow directions for view A and then the sleeve directions for view B?

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