Flannel pants at Skirt as Top

The Fanfare parade is in full swing over at Skirt as Top! Kristin made her kiddos each a pair of elephant pants with confetti cuffs.  Just look at those little toes.

image via, used with permission

It’s just perfect to snuggle up in some flannels with your favorite stuffed animal … or basketball!

image via, used with permission

Head over to Skirt as Top to see more photos of these cuties in action:


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  • Fanfare is printed on 100% organic flannels from Cloud9 Fabrics and is being sold in shops now. For a list of shops that have stocked the line, see this post.

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    1. yay thanks so much for having me along on the tour, rae! my kids love these so much i think they’re gonna need multiple pairs. LOVE that flannel!!!

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