Pennant Pants with Sherpa Pockets

Today’s Fanfare project is a pair of flannel pants that I made for Elliot. You didn’t think I would just sew clothes for the girl, did you?


One of the reasons I love Pinterest is that it gives me so many ideas for sewing for Elliot (you can see my “Elliot” board here). And I love seeing when someone else uses a pin for inspiration on a sewing project, so I’m going to show you the pin that inspired these pants, even though I’m a little embarrassed that these pants really didn’t quite hit the mark. If you look at that link, you can maybe see that what I was going for here was something like sweatpants, with a knit waistband and cuffs. But the truly awesome thing is the sherpa pockets, which Elliot loves because they are so warm and cosy.


Anyway, I keep studying these while he’s wearing them because I feel like they’re either a little too wide or a little too narrow (I used the Parsley Pants sewing pattern as a starting point, just cut off the waistband foldover at the top and tapered the legs). Or maybe a little too long, because when he wears them you can’t really see the cuffs very well? But he’s turning into a little stringbean, so I HAD to make them long because he’s starting to grow out of all of the size 6 Parsley Pants I made him last spring already. Stop growing, little dude!



So I’m not sure if I should keep tinkering with them or not, but at any rate E loves them and has already worn them three days in a row (including to school yesterday), so that’s a win, right? But don’t you think they would be even greater with a pair of SHERPA KNEEPADS??? Or is that completely insane to put white kneepads on a pair of boy’s pants. I think I am answering my own question.




The fabric of course is Fanfare, my line of organic flannels for Cloud9 Fabrics, which is in fabric shops right now. I used the amazing Michael Miller Organic sherpa for the pockets (which is currently in stock over at Fabricworm) and a grey rib knit for the cuffs and waistband.

I’ve been hosting a Fanfare blog tour for the past week, so if you’d like to see all of those posts, you can click here. We’ve got just one more stop on the tour tomorrow, and then it will be back to the usual randomness around here after that!

19 thoughts on “Pennant Pants with Sherpa Pockets

  1. gah! those are so cute! I love the sherpa! I hoard sherpa, yet to use it, just have it mostly to pet. I think the pants look great! Plus I can just see how cozy they are.

  2. Honestly (and I think thats what you want right?) I think they look perfect, any shorter and he wouldn’t be able to wear them for more than a month and the width is great too! I think sometimes the skinny jean trend makes me forget what my kids actually like wearing is slightly loose but maybe thats my kids!

  3. I also think they are just perfect in width and length! I love these trousers! Looking at these pictures, I totally agree with you that sherpa knee pads instead of the pockets would be great as well!

  4. I am obsessed with sherpa fabric and want to make these for myself! I wonder if I could upsize the pattern to a kids 14 or so… (really, I’m tiny!) Hmm…

  5. The length looks right to me. So, tell me more about this famed sherpa. I love the look…is the inside of the pockets the same sort of fuzzy soft? Or did you line it with a second layer? It looks like you maybe didn’t even need to finish the raw edges of the pockets, like maybe you just used a twin needle to sew the edges?

    • so sherpa fleece feels like the back side of regular fleece on the inside, but it’s only nubbly on the inside. So I suppose they are a *bit* softer on what you see here as the outside, because they do have a front and a back.

      As far as the edge finishing, it is technically a knit so yes, you could get by with just using a double needle to attach it directly to the pants. In this case I used a serger to roughly finish the edges first before stitching them down with two rows of stitching, partly because I knew that if E put his hands in these, the top edge would get really stretched out if I didn’t finish them in some way. But it’s nice because you don’t need to line it like you would if you were using a woven. Another nice substitute would be a piece of an old sweatshirt.

  6. I think they are awesome! I think the reason they look different is that flannel has a different drape but honestly, they look wonderful! I love the mix of fabrics!

  7. I love this! I want to make these next…right after I finish the pair of flannel parsley pants I’m already working on. 😉 Maybe a silly question, but did you not have to use any elastic in the waistband? And by how much did you narrow the legs? My son will freak out for the warm and cozy pockets!

    • Hi J:

      So I did use a piece of elastic in the waistband; I attached the rib knit as a folded piece, but right before I sewed the entire thing on I threaded a 1.25″ piece of elastic in there so they wouldn’t fall down. Rib knit isn’t typically stretchy/strong enough to hold pants up, especially on my kids. 🙂

      The legs I tapered in maybe about 1.5″ on either side. And I just used the pouch pockets as is, but trimmed off the seam allowance with my serger when I finished the curved edges.

      Good luck!!! 🙂

  8. You know I could see these with a bit lower crotch, but not harem, and slightly skinnied towards the ankles. But since the drape of flannel is different than knit, I don’t really know. Lol. But the idea of a Sherpa pocket is great!

  9. Those pants are really cute and my five and three year old hate pants with buttons or zippers. I am still learning at sewing so I definitely would need a pattern. Are you going to make one? : )

    • Hi Stephanie! Have you tried my Parsley Pants pattern yet? It doesn’t have buttons or zippers. To get this pant, you’d have to do a little tweaking but I can walk you through it if you want! 🙂

  10. It has been quite a while since I have visited your blog. The last pattern I used of yours was the Big Butt Pants. That should be a clue. I don’t know how I missed your was bookmarked in my last computer and due to the crash I couldn’t get the data. But I have been looking for your blog and I couldn’t remember the name correctly. Alas, here I am and I have to say your kids are getting so big!

    These pants are really nice, as are the Paisley Pants. My grandsons are now 5 and 2 years old and we can’t keep up with their growth spurts. The patterns here will make life easier. Thank you Dana.
    Cathy the Bagg Lady

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