Pink Washi top with a little bow

It’s time for me to start blogging about some of the clothes I’ve been making for me!! A bit of a backup over here; seems like the sewing is happening faster than the blogging over here these days. That’s good though…I like to sew, if you hadn’t noticed.



First up is this Washi top, which has been completely transformed to the point that it doesn’t even resemble the original Washi Dress much, does it? I think the main difference is that it’s made with rayon, a fabric which behaves SO differently from quilting cotton or voile that it gives the pattern a whole new look. I talk about rayons more in this post, and I’ve been sewing with cotton rayon a ton lately (here and here)…it’s becoming one of my absolute favorite fabrics to sew with.



As you can see I also added a sleeve (which I shirred at the ends, see this post for a shirring tutorial), gathered the skirt instead of pleating it, and added this fetching little bow. Eagle-eyed readers will noticed that this sleeve is *not* the same as the free Washi sleeve (found here); while it’s still gathered and similar in length, I made a new, more tailored pattern piece for this one, since I was hearing the words “Little House on the Prairie” and “pilgrim” associated with the other fuller one. Not that that is a bad thing; just thought I would try to make a new sleeve that was more tailored and flattering.


I know I’ve been hinting at a Washi Expansion pattern pack for a long time now, but I promise you that it is truly in the works right now, full steam, along with Josephine (that received such an enthusiastic response a few weeks ago, thank you!!!). The expansion pack will most definitely include this sleeve, a big bow (see this post), bodice lining pattern pieces and instructions, another short sleeve (will post about that one soon), and a couple of Peter Pan collars in both curved and pointed styles. If you like *this* little bow, I will seriously consider adding these pattern pieces as well. What do you think?


The Washi Expansion Pack is shaping up to be quite a big project over here, but I’m really excited about it because it will allow someone to really make a TON of fun washi variations using the basic Washi pattern as a building block. That is exactly the kind of sewing I love to do, and I know many of you love to sew that way too! Can’t wait to show you even more of my latest variations!!!

48 thoughts on “Pink Washi top with a little bow

  1. Love that bow and the narrower sleeve. Can’t wait! BTW, where do you find cotton/rayon blends? I love rayon but haven’t seen any blends and think that would be wonderful!

  2. I LOVE THIS SHIRT! (yes, all caps were necessary to capture my emotion) πŸ™‚ can’t wait for the expansion pack!!

  3. I love the little bow. I’m looking forward to your Washi expansion pack. Quick question (and forgive me if you’ve already answered this somewhere else on your blog) but where do you get your Rayon fabrics? I’m having a hard time locating any in cute prints

  4. Love it! and the little bow! definitely add that to the expansion pack! I’d better finish all of my planned washi’s before the expansion or I’ll never catch up!

  5. I loved this little bow, and the big one as well! yeeee for bows! please include them on the expansion pack, I can’t wait for it!

  6. I love this look! My washi with sleeves is my favorite thing in my closet right now! I would like the bow feature too.

  7. I love this variation and the bow you have made! Perfect. I CAN’T WAIT for the expansion pack!!!! So excited!

  8. I love all of the variations you’ve shown! I love my Washi and have suspected that I’d love it even more in rayon or crepe de chine. I adore this thin bow and the shirred sleaves. I can hardly wait for the expansion pack. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to your loyal customers.

  9. This is my favorite Washi yet, and the first I’d actually make. I’ve been admiring the Washi on others, but thinking they wouldn’t flatter my figure. This. This I would wear.

  10. I LOVE this version! And I very much agree with Cara. I love the washi dress but never thought it would suit me. This top is the perfect alternative for me.

  11. Oh lovely πŸ™‚ it is almost unrecognisiable πŸ™‚ In fact I thought you have produced a new pattern πŸ™‚ Looking forward to the pack with all the fabulous inclusions πŸ™‚

  12. Love the bow detail, and I’m sad my expanding…ahem…upper body area makes my current washis too tight to wear these days! Wah wah. The rayon version is super lovely.

  13. Every time I open my e-mail and see Made by Rae I can’t wait to open it and see what you made. Today – WOW. Love the fabric and the look. I will be keeping that e-mail with the 100 others that I can’t delete as I enjoy everything you make. Brillant

  14. Wow!! You are right, it looks like a completely different top, but with that signature Washi flattering look. Ahhhh, I LOVE! I do love the drape of that Rayon, something I’ve never sewn with or even felt. Sigh…living in the middle of nowhere does has it’s fabric disadvantages, for sure. :/

  15. Well….. This is exactly the kind of top I would buy in every color available….

    So… What would it take to get you to consider sizing this one into a plus size? I need it in a 24/26 size…. 26 for now and down as I continue to lose weight…. I love everything about this…. The neckline. The bow. The narrower sleeves. The length of the sleeve…. I could easily make it tunic length for myself with the basic pattern…. But I have no skill at all in sizing patterns…. Especially from regular sizes into plus. Because I’m assuming it s more complicated than just pulling the pattern an extra 6 inches out from the fold in the fabric to add extra to the middle….. Right? Lol

  16. Definitely add the little bow to the expansion pattern..I love it, it adds a nice touch to the shirt! I also love the fabric, its pattern and color.

  17. Love it! I think I could easily tweak this into a maternity shirt…right? Any desire to jump into that world? I mean the pattern designing world…not the actual maternity world πŸ™‚

  18. Wow, this is my favorite washi variation! I love the sleeve – the length is perfect and the shirring at the bottom is a cute detail. And while I found the other bow a little too big for my liking, I feel like I need to try this one.

  19. Rae, I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about an expansion pack! I just made my first washi (also my first garment for myself) and though it’s not perfect, it’s shockingly awesome! I get compliments every time I wear it. When I saw your Peter pan collar version a while back, I totally wished that I had the skills to draft one…. Anyhow—I’ll be buying the expansion pack as soon as it’s available!

    The first dress I ever made was your itty bitty dress (in 2009) for my first daughter… In other words… Your patterns have really shaped my sewing skills and projects. Thank you ever so much!

  20. this is so great! I love the washi in rayon. The neck bow is great too, and the sleeves are cute and flattering.

  21. I am just about to cut out my first washi dress and I cant wait to see it all done and finished. I love the idea of your expansion pack because I really like all of the variations you’ve made. In fact I already know what fabric I will use for my next one. I hope that you do add the “little bow” as a pattern piece.

  22. Looking forward excitedly to the expansion pack. It should make Washi fashions more appropriate for those of us who are no longer young chicks, but still youthful in spirit (even if not in arm shapes….)


  23. Please include this bow/collar too – the more the merrier (and the price should reflect this!). Just about to cut into my first washi dress – might hold out for the pointed Peter pan collar/pointy capped sleeve combo! πŸ™‚

  24. I have been procrastinating buying the washi pattern because my sewing time has been next-to-nothing. When you offer the expansion pack will you offer some sort of combo deal for both the pattern and the expansion?

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