Yellow Fox Charlie Dress for Clementine


I have so many plans for outfitting my children in adorable Fanfare flannel ensembles from head to toe you guys, you have no idea. The list of things I want to make out of this flannel is a bit insane. I mean, if you get right down to it, the whole reason I ever began designing for fabric in the first place was because I wanted to sew for my kids with my own designs. So this is really a dream come true for me…I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true. By the way, that reminds me to tell you that the Fat Quarter Shop blog posted a cool designer profile on me yesterday that’s all about Fanfare, so if you’d like to read that interview, head on over there.


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So while the obvious choice for flannels may be loungewear of one kind or another, I wanted to try to make a few things for my kids that would be worn outside the house. Starting with this version of the Charlie Dress for Clementine:



Those of you familiar with the pattern will note that I hacked it a bit; besides adding ruffles to the sleeves and placket, I omitted the opening at the front and instead added a 1/2″ seam + a zipper to the back (instead of cutting the back pieces on the fold). I’ve made a few versions of the Charlie Dress like this now, and I like that they make the dress a bit less casual. This all-white version was Clementine’s Christmas Dress a couple years ago, and my. goodness. can we all take a moment to see how ADORBSIBLE and SMALL she is in this post?? I also want to point out that the solid white flannel that I used for the placket and ruffles is indeed part of the Fanfare collection, and while it might seem less exciting than the other prints, I find it to be a very useful and cute contrast to the prints.



Clementine insisted that “Foxy” (yes that is actually what she calls this stuffed animal) join her for these photos, and I thought it was appropriate as well. This little guy has become a favorite at our house lately. He even gets kisses and snuggles from both children every night before bed. I have been informed that I am Foxy’s grandma. AHEM. I never knew I would be a grandmother at age 36. Well…at least I’m a HOT grandma.


This post is part of a fun week-long blog tour for Fanfare! If you haven’t seen the other posts in the tour yet, here they are:

Fanfare is printed on 100% organic flannels from Cloud9 Fabrics and is being sold in shops now. For a list of shops that have stocked the line, see this post.

17 thoughts on “Yellow Fox Charlie Dress for Clementine

  1. LOVE this version of this dress!!! By any chance do you have instructions for the ruffled sleeves and ruffled bib add on? Thank you!

    • Hrrm so…I don’t have instructions for this, but basically the ruffle is just a long 2.5″ wide strip of fabric folded in half and gathered, then basted around the edge of the placket before you attach it to the dress. The sleeves are the same, you gather the strip and then pin and sew it to the end of the sleeve. I used the sleeve facing on the inside of the sleeve to hide the ruffle seam, which worked quite nicely.

      Does that at least help a bit?

      • Thanks for your reply! I’m ok with ruffles, but was looking for some sort of pattern for the bib–is it a completely separate piece? how/where is it attached? Thanks again!

  2. OH! That is so cute. Flannel makes surprisingly great everyday clothes – i made a skirt out of some nani iro flannel last year and Em LOVES it. she wears it out and to bed both. Hehe.

  3. A flannel dress, that’s an amazing idea! So cute. The print would be great for my little fox lover too, my daughter has the exact same stuffed fox and brings it to bed every night. I would love a tutorial on the ruffles and the zipper!

    • are you serious? that’s so cool!!

      Ok, will see what I can do about a charlie dress hack tutorial


      • Awesome, thanks! and yes, the same fox! Claire’s is named ‘Anna fox’. So I pretty much need to make a fox dress too (or pjs or something foxy!) I just cut out fabric to make parsley pants for the first time for Claire too can’t wait to sew them up 🙂

  4. I would have absolutely adored this dress when I was a little girl. My mom was a big time sewist but I hated any form of elastic or itchy trims. Flannel would have been so lovely!

  5. this fabric is fab! all of your fanfare fabric looks yummy. and I am sure the flannel makes it heavenly to touch…

  6. Lovely dress – nice proportions, practical, simple lines. And can I just say how nice it is to see an active and happy little girl dressed beautifully in a colour other than pink! What a breath of fresh air!

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