Kricket’s Ruby Dress

Thanks so much everyone for your congratulations on our fun news!! We are excited. Yes we are. And thanks to my seester Elli for posting it, even though it meant that some people thought *she* was preggers, thanks to a poorly captioned Instagram pic I posted that also posted to Facebook and confused some relatives. OY. SOOORRY Elli!! I’m lucky she has to love me, right?


Today I want to show you a new Ruby Dress I made for my little seester Kricket for her birthday about a month ago. Kricket loved the original Ruby Dress I had made for myself last spring and was threatening to steal it out of my closet, so I made a copycat version out of the blue arrow print so she could have one of her very own. She is modeling it in the photo above (photo by her husband Ross). And here’s a few closer shots of it on me, so you can see more detail on the dress and analyze photos for evidence of baby bumpage (though, you won’t see much here, because these were taken over a month ago):


The fabric is one of my favorite prints from Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Polka Dot line, which can still be found in shops here and there if you look for it. And the pattern of course is my very own Ruby Dress sewing pattern.


8 thoughts on “Kricket’s Ruby Dress

    • Hi Sara,

      I bought it at Field’s Fabrics in Holland MI. I think it’s supposed to be home decor-type lace, and it’s cotton so I handwash it…but it’s pretty cool! 🙂

  1. I’m not sure I ever noticed the selvage hem on this one–love that detail!! Also: love that lace yoke. Yum. Can’t believe you were willing to part with some to make a dress to give away! Clearly you and your sisters are super close. 🙂

    • we are close but i think rae also realized it was either make me my own or i would “borrow” (ie steal) hers. lucky me!

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