Red Chambray Late Lunch Tunic


About a month ago, Liesl of Oliver+S launched her new line of women’s patterns for fall under the Liesl + Co. brand. She sent over advance copies of the new patterns so I could give them a try, and this one, the Late Lunch Tunic, caught my eye because I knew it would be perfect for hiding my ever-growing baby bump!


I’m super excited for Liesl as she expands her already high-quality pattern offerings to include not only children’s but also women’s. Liesl is known for writing exceptional patterns, and these live up to the standard we’ve come to expect from her; they include carefully written, clear instructions as well as helpful additional information (such as how to perform a bust adjustment on the pattern pieces) along with her expertly drawn pattern pieces. Any of the others would be excellent additions to the home sewist’s pattern collection as well.


I chose a red chambray for the tunic after seeing the cover shot for the pattern in a grey chambray; I’d also love to try this in a lighter-weight fabric, but this one drapes quite nicely. And although the tunic definitely has the potential to accommodate a larger pregnancy belly, I like that it really doesn’t read “pregnant,” in fact up until about this week you really couldn’t tell I was preggers while wearing it (these pics are a couple weeks old). A definite plus for anyone wishing to hide extra waist-smooshiness for sure. Here’s my best attempt to show baby bumpage:


I think it looks great on me, but I think I could probably drop the yoke just a bit yet because I think it”s hitting me a little higher than it’s supposed to (just judging from the cover shot, at least? Maybe I just need to go up a size?). It also looks great on the fuller-busted as well (check out this full-bust-adjusted version by Robin Bobbin, I think it may be my favorite version of the tunic that I’ve seen so far).


You can purchase the Late Lunch Tunic, along with Liesl’s other new women’s patterns, in digital form over on the Liesl + Co. page on her website!

13 thoughts on “Red Chambray Late Lunch Tunic

    • No — I probably could have but the hem of the tunic has a nice high-low curve (high in front, low in back) that I wanted to keep. I was thinking though — when the bump gets bigger, I could just switch the back skirt and front skirt, and then it will fit longer, right??

  1. Hey, Preggo, that is quite fetching on you! Great fitting. Agreed about lowering the yoke just a tad. I love the overall shape, hemline and yoke details in the back!

  2. Nice! I can see this in a lightweight linen for warmer weather or in a cozy flannel for a lounging-around-the-house or sleeping top.

  3. This is a perfect top to wear on Thanksgiving! Nobody would even be able to tell I gained like 10 pounds in one day and had to unbutton my jeans! Ha!

  4. Looks great on you! This is the one I was going to make until Jess had the other one all cut out and ready…haha. It is a great preggo tunic though!

  5. Oooh I love the colour and the top on you. Congrats on the baby bump. It doesn’t look like a maternity top on you at all. I kinda wear those type of tops or making them because I would look pregnant in them!

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