Sneak peek at Lotus Pond

It’s time for a peek at my new spring collection for Cloud 9 Fabrics, Lotus Pond!!! Woot Woot!! *Kermit arms*


This line will be printed on organic quilting cottons (so not flannels, like my first line, Fanfare), and I’m really geeked about how this turned out. I wanted to do something completely different from Fanfare, since it wasn’t intended to be a kid’s flannel line, so I went in a totally different direction. Flowers, lily pads, snails, butterflies. Inspired by my summers growing up in the midwest. With plenty of color thrown in of course.


When I say “peek,” you can see that this is literally just a peek at the buyer’s boards from Quilt Market a few weeks ago, so the colors need a bit of tweaking yet, and of course they will be on fabric, not cardboard printouts. We don’t have prints on actual fabric yet, but that will come. This is a first stage. Like I said before, designing fabric is an exercise in patience for me. Heh.


Despite the fact that there are tons of flowers and butterflies and such, I also wanted to make sure that a few of the prints would work as “boy” prints as well…so we have some cute snails and frogs that I think would be adorable as a little boy’s shirt, baby pants, or pillowcases.  I even think the green diamond print would make the awesomest button-down shirt for a boy!!



Lotus Pond arrives in shops next spring. Do ya like it?

48 thoughts on “Sneak peek at Lotus Pond

  1. Ooh, I’m thinking I need to make Tillie a skirt for Camp with lily pads and frogs.

    p.s. How about some ginkgo leaves next time? I’m always looking for some for gifts and never find anything I like. 😉

  2. Fab! and I appreciate there being some “boy” options as well. loving the lotus drops and meadow blossoms…wishing your lines came in knit too! Maybe next time 😉 Your designs are of popular themes but done with your unique flair, way cool. 🙂 I love supporting the smaller designers AND the organic companies. Can’t wait!

  3. I was going to tell you my favourite…but I can’t choose! Cute snails, cute frogs, adorable butterflies, pretty flowers and ice fresh colours…wonderful!!

  4. Ooh, I’m with Melissa – how good would these look on jersey?! I reckon Cloud 9’s quilting cotton is just about soft enough for some styles of adult clothing, though. With these sweet retro-ish prints, full skirts would look great (full circle skirt in the pond print? Yes!). Clever you!

  5. I love the retro-looking floral that’s on the bottom of the boards. I also love love love that you thought of the boys! I can always count on you for great boy inspiration. Thanks!!

  6. Wow, this is just amazing! I can honestly say there’s no other line out there quite like it – and that is a good thing. Oftentimes, lines look similar to me. This is so beautifully unique. Great job.

  7. *.* The Snail Trail *.* I watched the movie “Turbo” last week and I’m in love with snails. And today I see this beautiful fabric with colorful snails in it 🙂 I would love to make a cute retro dress with that fabric.

  8. Rae, I love it and even more as you have this great talent for making cute unisex designs (including color) that can fit a boy and a girl. I’m now located in the Netherlands and wondering can I get your stuff locally here!

  9. Rae, these are gorgeous!! Can’t wait until they are out, they would make great kid and adult clothes and also bags or pillows, placemats, blankets, the ideas are endless. I am in awe of your talent.

  10. I have a three year old who lately only wants to wear collared shirts (like his Dad). I can’t wait to make him one in that snail print!

  11. Oh Rae, these are gorgeous! I really, really like the 2nd photo’s fabrics: the snails and the lilies. And I don’t usually dig print fabrics, so that’s saying something! Well done! Well done!

  12. I have a strong preference for supporting fabric sellers who make it clear that quality is a priority, so I usually wait until I’m in Seattle or West Michigan visiting my parents to buy fabric and supplies, especially when I need fleece, knits or other fabrics that tend to be easier to purchase in person. But it’s nice to see any fabric in person, even quilting weight cotton (which is probably the most basic of fabrics; easy to sew, easy to predict what it will feel like).BRICK AND MORTARI will always have a preference for Brick and Mortar shops. Here are the ones I have shopped at personally, have reliable friends who shop there, or know the owners and feel I can safely vouch for their quality. Many of these stores also have online shops (those links are listed further down the page). Feel free to weigh in with your favorites in the comments section. I also noticed that Dana is hoping to put together a Big List at some point so you can add yours over there too, and I know there must be other more comprehensive lists online, although honestly I haven’t found one I really use.

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