Strawberry Bateau Top + Pink Pom-Pom scarf


I’m a bit behind on my fall sewing for the kids because I’ve been sewing so much for myself. Heh. Not a *terrible* problem to have, but the other day Mr Rae mentioned that Clementine didn’t really have any pants that fit. Oops. Must remedy. I missed the boat on Kid’s Clothes Week this fall because it was also the week of Quilt Market, so now I’ve started to catch up a bit, starting with their PJ’s (posted Monday) and this cute strawberry tee and scarf for Clementine!


This pattern is from Anneliese of the Aesthetic Nest, the Bateau Neck Tee. This is the first of her patterns under her new “Wee Muses” brand, and she was kind enough to send it over to me earlier this year, but like many things it just sat on my desk waiting for the time to try it out. When I saw this version of the tee by Vanessa of LBG studio though, I just had to copy it. Not only because it was absolutely adorable (it doesn’t hurt that Vanessa’s daughter Sid is ridiculously cute and that Vanessa has killer photography skills), but because I happened to have more Briar Rose knit (thank you Windham!!) sitting around waiting for something cute.


Honestly, I could have made this top by just hacking my Flashback Tee pattern; so adding a bit more ease to the arms and sides, shortening the arms and cutting the neck wider would produce a similar effect. But sometimes you just want to be able to print out a pattern and whip it up, without having to think about it, and this pattern takes all of the guesswork out of a reliably adorable bateau. The fit is great and I like the easy neckline finish (folding it under rather than adding a neckband). Anneliese also includes a number of cute variations to the pattern as well.



The scarf was another easy project — I used my Pom Pom Scarf Tutorial but made it a few inches narrower (about 12″) and shorter (about 50″) and instead of hand sewing the ends separately, I placed one end inside the other (shown above, sort of) and stitched them together so that it’s a continuous loop. Clementine loves wearing it because now we can match when I wear mine. Hers was also made with shot cotton and pom poms from Purl (like mine).


Last but not least, I hand-stitched a little Nursery Versery linen to the knees of these jeans which were worn through at the knees. I think it’s super cute and I hope she doesn’t wear through the kneepads now. It would help if she had more than just this pair of pants, so next up, some Parsley Pants!

16 thoughts on “Strawberry Bateau Top + Pink Pom-Pom scarf

  1. Love the outfit… although I can’t show it to my girls or I’ll have to hunt down some of that cute strawberry knit! 🙂

  2. Did you find this top ran large? I made a size 6 for my (albeit slim) 7 year old and despite a large pleat I added to the neckline, it is huge around her neck. And she doesn’t have small shoulders. Thanks for opinions. And I love the scarf, I have been meaning to make one since I saw it on the Purl blog. Just a little intimidated by the poms.

    • So yes, the neckhole is a bit too wide for Clementine (which is why it’s perfect with the scarf!), but next time I think I will just cut it a bit narrower. As far as the rest of the top, it’s not supposed to be skin-tight, so I didn’t mind the ease at all — that seemed about right for the size 4 that I made here. But depending on how the pattern gets graded it’s possible that the ease is more in the larger sizes (not sure about that though — Anneliese would have to answer that question).

      • Thanks for the reply. It makes such a cute dress, I will try again. Either in a smaller size or narrowing the neck. Thanks again, I appreciate he input.

  3. Well Clementine is looking very adorable and stylish here! My girls love wearing my scarves, I’ve never thought to make some for them, I’ll have to get on it! I am playing catch up right now with kid sewing too 🙂

  4. Well, what a nice surprise! This top is completely adorable with the pom pom scarf! Thank you so much for trying the pattern–and for sharing it. I’m thrilled!

  5. We are so struggling with clothes for the kids, too–and I would have thought it was for the older kids, but it’s actually the youngest who’s nearly naked every day, which is weird considering the number of hand-me-downs the child has. I have this same pattern–will have to make her a few for the fall!

    Also: tell Clem I’m coming for her scarf. Love.

  6. All very cute! That scarf is going on my list of projects. I have some Briar Rose for a project for my soon-to-be-born niece (who will be my namesake!) and I want to make something for her that will last, but a little dress or top just might be too irresistible not to make! Maybe I’ll make her a blanket too and stockpile more of that fabric with the promise that I’ll equip her with blankets for the rest of her life…something to grow with.

  7. I love everything about this outfit. The pom pom scarf is something I’m been dreaming of for a while but haven’t ever made it, but seeing it now I MUST make it for my girls! And I love the fabric you chose and the knee patches! Definitely putting this on my list!

  8. Meant to comment on this back when you posted it – this is ridiculously cute! i want Em to have a scarf like that (and I want one too!). Time to go pom pom shopping. Also love the knee patches. EVERYTHING. 🙂

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