Am giant festive candy cane

I have been sick in bed all weekend with flu, but I’m feeling a bit better today so I’m propping the ol’ bones up in bed to post some pics of my newest version of Josephine. Having the flu right before Christmas totally stinks, but it looks like I may be better by Christmas so I’m gulping tons of tea and trying to rest. Elliot had the flu last week and so I’m crossing all fingers and toes that Clementine won’t get it over Christmas. Both Mr Rae and I got flu shots this year, but we hadn’t taken the kids in to get theirs yet (parents-of-the-YEAR!!!), though as you can see a whole lot of good it did me, so I guess now we have to see if her stubborn little immune system holds out for us.


In my head I’ve been calling this top the Candy Cane Top, because the brightly striped rayon reminds me of one of those fruity candy canes — which, truth be told, I’ve always preferred to the peppermint kind — and with the pregnant belly I definitely look like a giant piece of striped candy. As you can see I am getting to be quite large now at 24 weeks preggers. Of course I edited out most of the pictures that show my double chin.


The pattern for this top is the soon-to-be-released NOW AVAILABLE Josephine Sewing Pattern, in a tunic length without the longer sleeves. I was originally going to make it sleeveless but then Tashina (my adorable college-aged studio assistant who lately has me listening to a whole lot of Katy Perry; you can see a pic of her here) was pressing the armholes and suggested it might look good with a small sleeve of some sort, so I added the pointed cap sleeve from the Washi Dress Expansion Pack. Yes, I am spoiled rotten to have a studio assistant who sews for me. Between Tashina and Karen I hardly have to lift a finger anymore. But isn’t that what being pregnant is supposed to be about? ALL PART OF MY MASTER PLAN.


One other mod to the pattern is that I included some wicked big slits on the sides (the sleeveless view of Josephine includes both side and front slits, but this one is even bigger), which I think was a good move considering the stripes, length and lack of longer sleeve; it breaks it up a bit. As far as wearing it in the winter, I’ve always found sleeveless or cap-sleeved tops to be easier to layer with sweaters, and because my body temp currently runs about 65 degrees hotter than everyone else around me anyway it’s perfect. I daydream about wearing this in summer with cut-offs and sandals too. *Sighs*


Anyway, the pattern should be ready soon. And by soon I’m sure you already know that means we’re giving it the old anal-retentive treatment over here as usual so as soon as we can release our collective claws out of the thing. Which is never really “soon,” but you know what I mean…

Have a happy and HEALTHY Christmas! Non-germy hugs and kisses!!! – Rae

20 thoughts on “Am giant festive candy cane

  1. Sorry to hear the crud has hit you all too. Hope everyone gets better and Clementine stays well.

    Lovely top. I can’t wait for the Josephine pattern! It’s on the top of my Christmas money list!

  2. blegh to being sick whilst pregnant whilst holidays. it’s the worst and i hope you’re all healthy enough to have a good Christmas. but you look super cute! and cheers to editing out double chin photos, i’m with you there. HA.

    Merry Christmas, Hoekstras!!!

  3. I am so excited about this pattern! The first thing i noticed were the slits and i love it. I have a striped fabric i wanted to use but couldnt visualize it so thank you! And your baby bump is adorable and perfect!!

  4. Aw, you are the cutest giant festive candy cane ever! Sorry to hear you got the flu, I crashed with it two weeks ago and it was not fun – and I’d had the flu shot, too! This time of year, we’re all getting so run down and tired, I think that has a lot to do with it. Rest up and have a great Christmas.

  5. Hope you are feeling better now.
    Love your washi dress and can’t wait to try the Josephine. Have a blessed christmas!

  6. You do not look like a fruit striped candy cane, you look like a stylish and fit pregnant lady. With a rudolph nose. Haha. Sooooooo sorry about the flu. My MIL got a flu shot and also got the flu a few days ago, which reinforces my notion that they are useless. I had flu when I was 4 mos pregnant with my youngest, so I know what that’s like. NOT FUN. Can’t take any good drugs. Hope you are feeling well in time for the tomorrow! Clementine’s Christmas fervor will burn off any germs.

  7. Merry Christmas! I am a long time reader/lurker. I love your blog. Always so inspiring and fun! Thanks for sharing your expertise and your lovely family, too!

    I just have to say- I am not a big pusher of vaccines – but… While people may think the flu shot is useless because they still get the flu, perhaps it is not useless but instead helped your body ward off even more severe symptoms. You are still alive and your baby is still healthy. Anyway, not to be a Debbie Downer. Wishing you a quick recovery and healthy kiddos, too. Blessings from Puget Sound!

    • yes that’s true!! I didn’t get a really high fever this time so it’s possible the shot still helped. Not a downer at all!! 😉

  8. Oh love that belly! I think I mentioned before I am a labor nurse so there is a big ol’ soft spot in my heart for those pregnant bellies! can’t wait to hear about your birth!

  9. Very cute!! I busting for you to do some breastfeeding versions of your lovely dresses!! Its so hard to find simple patterns for feeding! Happy New year xx

  10. Ah! This just makes me even more excited for the pattern to come out so I can sew my own version for my pregnant self! As soon as I got pregnant I thought this top would be perfect. Perhaps it will be released before this baby’s born?? 🙂

  11. Dear Rae — I’m wondering how much less yardage you need for Josephine view A, if you make it with the little Washi sleeves. I checked your giant festive candy cane post but I don’t see any reference to the yardage needed. If it says in the pattern then I will find out when I buy it! No need to reply if that is the case. I love your site and I’m addicted to your patterns. The Ruby is my fave <3

  12. Hi Rae,

    I am making the tunic version for pregnant self and I am unsure of which size to cut out. My upper body is a medium, and non-pregnant I would be a medium in my waist too, but my waist measures an XL right now. Should I splice sizes together, or will the medium be roomy enough to fit my bump?

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