Garment Sewing Weekend with April Rhodes!

***UPDATE January 7, 2014: this workshop is now full! If you’d like to be put on a waiting list, please send us an email (contact info here)***

I’m excited to announce that we’ve settled on a weekend in February for our next sewing studio workshop!!! Due to the fact that I have a baby on the way, this will be the last one I offer for a while. Come to Ann Arbor and cosy up in my studio away from the cold weather for a fun weekend of sewing, February 8 and 9, 2014! I’m also thrilled to announce that I’ve invited April Rhodes to lead the workshop with me; April is the creator of the Staple Dress and the Date Night Dress and is such a fun and sweet individual…you will love her. She also has a NEW pattern, just out last week, The Riding Peplum or Party Dress, and her next pattern, the Popover Poncho is due out soon as well.


images via, copyright April Rhodes, used with permission

The workshop will be held during the day on Saturday and Sunday, Feb 8 and 9, 2014, with the option to stay and sew at the studio on Saturday evening included. The focus of the workshop will be garment sewing, so April and I will present throughout the workshop on a variety of techniques needed to complete our women’s garment sewing patterns. Participants choose and bring along their own patterns and projects, so if you want to sew a Date Night Dress or a Popover Poncho, or a Washi Dress with a collar or a Josephine Tunic, we’ll be here to help you out! But I’ve emphasized this with past participants and I’ll say it again: it’s YOUR weekend, so if you have another pattern or project (such as a children’s garment or a quilt) that you want to work on, that is totally fine, don’t feel like you need to bring one of ours (or even a women’s garment pattern, for that matter)! This is a relaxed, no-pressure kind of event. We’ll be sure to offer plenty of assistance on your projects and time for you to sew, no matter what you want to work on.

Cost for the two-day workshop will be $250. To reserve your spot or request an information sheet about the weekend, please fill out the form HERE (update: form no longer live)! You can see a recap of the November Studio Sewing Retreat over at this post, and an informational post about that weekend here (though the schedule will be slightly different, since this one will be all-day Saturday and Sunday instead of Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon).

Please be aware that spots went FAST last time, and we only have room for 10 participants, so if you’re going to put this on your Christmas list, do it now! Hope you can join us, it’s going to be really fun!!!

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  1. I had so much fun in Nov, I wish I could come back in Feb. But, it won’t work out with my schedule;-( Maybe another in the future.

  2. i had no idea you are in a2!!! close to my hometown….so wish i could come as it is also my bday wknd…..sounds like an awesome time 🙁

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