My handmade maternity style


Happy Monday everyone! Today I thought I’d show you how the ol’ handmade wardrobe is translating into maternity clothing. I’m now about 5 months along, so the baby bump is definitely starting to cramp my style, wardrobe-wise. Some of my tops and pants are starting to go into storage because they’re too short or too tight. But I’ve found a few things that are working!!


I was a bit surprised to find that the two shorter skirts I made with elastic waists this year (this one and this one) still fit pretty nicely, mostly because they have elastic in the back half of the waistband so I can push them down to my hips. Normally I wear them at the waist, but I think they look cute this way too! The green maxi skirt, not so much. Oh well.


Ruby is working so far; I like to belt it up high and wear it with leggings and a sweater.


My aqua double-gauze Washi is comfortable and cute yet too!


The striped maxi dress I made this summer is great with a sweater and boots too. Hope I don’t stretch it out too much. Yikes!


And I think Josephine is actually really cute. I love this one so much! The rayon fabric is so comfortable. The belt clearly has to go way up above my waist, but that’s OK.


I haven’t added the usual bit of length to the front of anything yet; I think that I may eventually have to add the extra 1″-1.5″ length in front if I make any dedicated maternity clothing (I haven’t really yet). But if I do, I’ll be sure to let you know how it works out. I also want to try some of the maternity patterns that are out there — I know Megan Nielson has a bunch and Sew Liberated has a nice looking pair of skinny jeans that you can add a maternity panel to. Do you guys have any maternity pattern favorites to recommend?

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  1. LOVE the Josephine. What pattern is that? Is that one of your own modified patterns? I’m on the hunt for good maternity patterns as well!

  2. You look so great! Just a tip on the sew liberated skinny jeans, they are a little too low in the back for my taste. When I sit down I feel like I’m losing them back there. If I make anther pair I will raise the back a little.

  3. Look great! I am now 29 weeks and am busting out of everything. I am still loving my skirt from the Anna Maria Horner New Beginnings book and modified the tees from the Alabama Chanin book. Added about 4″ to the bottom and 2″ on the sides…..

  4. I’m due about the same time you are so will be watching how your maternity closet grows! I need ideas 🙂

  5. Looking good! I did use your Washi dress pattern with a few extra inches in the front when I was pregnant, and it lasted me through the whole pregnancy. I used Megan Neilson too, but I think my fave has been Anna Marie Horner’s Mariposa dress (and tunic), as it fits well when very pregnant, and doubles up for feeding top/dress after the baby comes.

  6. The Josephine looks great! I wore my Washis until about 7-8 months before my bust finally outgrew them. The Megan Nielsen maternity patterns are great. Very comfortable and the styles didn’t make me feel frumpy, even 9 months pregnant. Congrats!

  7. I made the Megan Nielson perfect maternity and nursing top. It’s a great, super easy pattern, but beware: the ‘modest panel’ is low, low, low. I added 3 inches to it and it barely covers my expanded nursing bust. 😉

  8. Cutie cutie! I wish I could still wear my washis – they were great in early pregnancy but I’d need to sew them with a double FBA plus a much lengthened front at this point, haha!

  9. The knit is perfect if I were you I’d alter it so unique sides or make one as you grow. All look great. Consider turning your patterns like these into maternity wear because the stuff out there is ugly and you make great stuff and have the mitch the adjust sizing very well.

  10. Love your style! I made a megan nielsen tunic but the shoulder seam sticks up and drives me crazy. I was going to make her maternity top but the start of my third trimester brought back nausea and black outs so it might not happen. Mostly I just wear tops from friends and elastic waisted skirts and yoga pants.

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