Return of the KNITerviews

It’s been nearly two years since I posted the KNITerviews, a blog series on sewing with knit fabric. I can’t tell you how many people have told me they began sewing knits for the very first time simply based on that series (which is incredibly fun to hear, by the way — nothing makes you feel better about a post series than people who say they found it useful). Personally, I’ve learned a few new knit-sewing tricks myself since that series ran that I’d love to share with you, so I’ve decided it’s time to bring back the KNITerviews, this time with an all-new set of Knit Experts!!!


I’ll be kicking off Round 2 of the series this week with my first ALL-NEW KNITerview-ee, and then we’ll have one new guest each week through the end of January. I hope you’ll find these KNITerviews just as enlightening this time around! But first, let’s check out the last series and brush up on your knit skills!

Introducing the KNITerviews – the intro post, in case you want to see all of the interview questions or you’re still confused as to what KNITerviews are.

KNITerview with Sophie of Cirque Le Bebe

KNITerview with Ruby of Zaaberry

KNITerview with Katy of No Big Dill

KNITerview with Kristin of skirt as top

KNITerview with Dana of MADE

KNITerview with Meg of Elsie Marley

KNITerview with Sascha of Piccoli Piselli

Here’s my wrap-up post: Rae debriefs the KNITerviews.

And Shannon of luvinthemommyhood posted a supercute hat pattern as part of the fun as well!

You can see ALL of the posts on sewing with knits, including my “KNITS: Stretch Yourself” series, which has even more posts on sewing with knits, on my KNITS page, or check out the “knits” category on my blog, which is sure to have even more knit-sewing-goodness!

4 thoughts on “Return of the KNITerviews

  1. Yay! I have his huge piece of rose colored ribbed knit that I would love to make some sort of cape/cover-up with. I’ve sewn my whole life, but never knit *gasp*! Excited to see what you have in store 🙂 Cindy

  2. Has anyone ever bought knit off of They have amazing knit prints but I’m wondering what the feel/quality is like. Thank!

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