Crochet scarf with stripes

In keeping with my recent unofficial theme of posting many things that are made with yarn, here’s a new scarf I made for Elliot:

Crochet scarf for E

Crochet scarf for E

He picked out the yarn himself on a spur-of-the-moment trip to Michael’s, which means that not only is the yarn pretty low quality (I don’t mean that they don’t carry any nice yarn there — though that is debatable — just that E’s nose for a good yarn is less discerning than mine), but it also smelled strangely for months. I don’t know why JoAnn’s and Michael’s always smell like Old Lady, but they do. And don’t even get me started on the cinnamon pinecones at JoAnn. I have about a 3-month blackout period for JoAnn when I can’t shop there because they put out those stupid pinecones for the Christmas season, and they are so strong they make me sneeze uncontrollably, not to mention they stink up all the fabric in the store.

Crochet scarf for E

Wow I’m a total grumpus today, eh? I’m not sure why, because I really feel quite cheerful; the sun is out and it’s been quite a pleasant day, despite the fact that both my children are home today AGAIN with fevers and general droopiness. SICK AGAIN, OY!!!

Crochet scarf for E

Not much else to say about this scarf; I crocheted it in two-row stripes until I ran out of yarn. Not my best work, but he loves it, and it looks pretty nice with his favorite shirt! The striped Flashback-Tee-turned henley was made last year during Celebrate the BOY — no tutorial for that one yet but I’ve been working on a henley tutorial this week, so probably soon.

Crochet scarf for E

Please do not pin/use pictures of Elliot from this post. Thanks!

16 thoughts on “Crochet scarf with stripes

  1. I really admire all the things you create! And I would love to have the guts to leave my job as a teacher, just like you or just ask for a part-time job ( I must admit I enjoy my job!) and create, make things with my hands… You are an inspiration! How funny, my daughteŕs called Clémentine!!!!…and i have three kids… Good luck!!!! Keep on filling this blog! I love it!
    Take care, Valérie

  2. My favorite scarf from childhood is this ridiculously cheap Red Heart rainbow scarf my grandmother made me when I was about six. (making it 30 years old) I have it/wear it. Cheap apparently holds up well to time.
    You totally nailed the smell. Old lady. Hah. I’ve bee there a lot lately for stuff for the AG doll wardrobes and it totally smells like old lady.

  3. Yes! I hate those cinnamon pine cones. They fill the whole store with their unnatural scent!

    I just bought some very lovely wool yarn at Michaels – and have enjoyed two projects with it thus far. I don’t have the money for Madeline Tosh and the like so I will be happy with what I can get at Michaels and Hobby Lobby! 🙂 I don’t buy the cheap acrylics either – but I will say that some yarn manufacturers have gotten better at producing a nicer acrylic yarn, which is nice for people on a budget.

  4. I hate hate hate those stinky pinecones at Joann’s. I have to hold my breath and run into the store. Can’t imagine being preggers and having to deal with that. Love the scarf.

  5. Seriously. The smells in those craft stores has to stop. Clover always takes a deep whiff and says it smells good while I’m gasping for clean air.

    Your Henley placket tutorial coincides with my goal of learning to placket all the Hawthorne things.

  6. I love the cinnamon pinecones! I’ll be happy to stand alone in that, though. Also, I’ve come to rethink cheap acrylic yarn. For kids, it’s hard-wearing and it lasts. My favorite pair of mittens from when I was a kid is made of acrylic and is still going strong, which my wool pair were destroyed after two years. I’m not saying acrylic is the best, but it’s better than I thought. And, as far as craft stores, at least you get Hobby Lobby! I love that place!

  7. This is what keeps me from knitting/crocheting. I have super sensitive skin and cannot stand to even touch the cheap stuff! And I hate to spend money on the real stuff when it may not turn out well because I don’t have much practice. You see, it’s a vicious cycle! But E looks super cute in his scarf and I’m super excited about the Henley variation of the FBT!

  8. Hi Rae, long time follower, buyer and supporter but slack commenter! So in a nutshell, you’re awesome, congratulations on your wee boy coming and all youve done! and here’s my quetion please…what stitch did you do for E’s scarf?! I adore it and though I’ve done granny squares an somehow completed a best for my newest babes arrival last June I haven’t done a scarf. I’d love to make one for my eldest. Thanks for your time, I really enjoy your blog!

    Oh and my first ever geraniums were my daughters Christmas dresses which we all loved! (Jut reminded myself that I was meant to post to Flickr!)

    • Hi Stacey!

      So the stitch I used was half double crochet. Hope that helps!

      Can’t wait to see your geraniums!!!


  9. I think it might be more like a 6 month blackout period with the damn pinecones. Because at Joanns, the Christmas season starts in August. Spring yard ornaments are already 50% off! Better hurry!

  10. First of all, Elliot is my favorite. Second of all, with you on the pinecones/general dried flower/old lady smell at the craft stores. Third of all, I’m so with you on the yarn-stuff right now, man. If I could do nothing but knit and eat all day I’d be the happiest pregnant lady on the block.

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