KCW: Twirl Skirt and Tee for Clementine

This week is Kids Clothes Week so despite the fact that we moved to a new house  a couple days ago, I wanted to post at least a couple of the things I finished up for Clementine last week, this pink Flashback Tee and a twirly skirt with pockets:



Truth be told, I am unsure of whether I should participate in KCW anymore — the challenge seems more appropriate for the stay-at-home mama who needs to scrape together an hour each night to sew by the light of Netflix to get some cool stuff made for her kids than me, who feels like a total poser with my fancy pants sewing studio and my work hours during which I could conceivably sew sew sew all the fun cute things for my kids all the live-long-day if I wanted to (though in reality that is not how it goes down). I even have Tashina and Karen assisting me at the studio so it’s hard to even keep track of who sewed WHAT around here anymore.


For instance, I think Tashina probably sewed a few shoulder/side seams on this tee, and I’m pretty sure she did the skirt gathering stitches and put the elastic in the waistband too. So does it count? I’m probably just being totally angst-y and stupid about it, I just feel like I should be up front about the fact that when you see something from me in the KCW pool, there’s a chance I didn’t completely construct it myself. Anyway, despite being unsure of whether or not it’s “cheating” for me to sew along (oh! did I mention that Made by Rae sponsors KCW? Sooo there’s that too), I still try to plan out a few things to make for my kids every time KCW rolls around.


Let’s talk about the outfit, shall we? The Flashback Tee was made with Robert Kaufman Laguna jersey (a quick search of my sponsors shows Pink Castle carries it as of this writing and Fabric Stash has some nice knit solids that might be similar) which is a fantastic jersey that’s quite affordable and has a nice recovery (which means it springs back to its original shape nicely after you stretch it). The skirt was made using my “Made-To-Measure Skirt” method, which is from class I teach here in Ann Arbor (sorry no pattern/tute yet), and was made with Liberty Lifestyle fabric, which is Liberty’s “quilting cotton.” I love this print.


Clementine loves twirling in her new skirt!


By some awesome coincidence, the skirt also happens to match a pair of tights I bought from Boden last year, so this outfit totally goes together in a way most of her hand-picked outfits never do. Chances of her wearing all three together ever again after these photos were taken? Probably zero. But at least she has two new pieces that I know she will wear, even if she never wears them all together again.


20 thoughts on “KCW: Twirl Skirt and Tee for Clementine

  1. That stay at home mama description is totally me, although it’s PBS, Downton Abby episodes! After i put the five kids to bed and since the youngest is 2 months old, i am often sewing late…but the quiet time is nice after a full day of schooling and playing with my little tribe! Thanks for the full disclosure, but i am glad you delegate tasks so you have the time to share all your fab talents!

  2. See I don’t think it’s about who has what time to sew because to be honest I let the house go to pieces and ignore the kiddos during KCW so I can spend several hours a day sewing. No way I could get all that done in an hour! For me it’s all about the community of everyone sewing together for a week and sharing the inspiration. I really enjoy the sense that we are all in a big sewing bee for the week. So go ahead and share, please. We all benefit from each other

  3. oh Rae, don’t get all angsty guilty on us! still counts. i think plenty of people “cheat” by starting early, posting old projects they’ve never blogged, etc. – KCW is just sort of “get things done” week, ya know? and actually i really like your idea of just doing a little bit of KCWing – that’s very motivating for me right now. i know i can’t devote a bunch of time to make a garment a day like i usually try to, but maybe i can crank out a pair of leggings at naptime? we’ll see.

  4. i adore that skirt…the whole outfit really, but especially the skirt! and both of my contributions to KCW this time were sewn before it officially started, so I’m a cheater, too. At least you’re an honest cheater!! It’s just fun to see what everyone shares this week, however it came to be 🙂

  5. Oh Rae, you big cheater!! Haha, just kidding 🙂 I appreciate your honesty but I think everyone is happy to see what you’ve created, however it came to be. This outfit is so cute, she looks straight out if a Boden catalogue! You have a dream job and I know you’ve worked hard to get to this place- it’s been so fun to watch you along the way!

  6. Such a fun outfit – love that Liberty fabric for the skirt. And isn’t it great when it ends up pairing beautifully, but unintentionally, with existing items! I always give myself a big high five when that happens. Good luck unpacking. I still have boxes that remain untouched 3 years post-move. What a pain!

  7. I totally count on coming here for inspiration – don’t stop! Right now I’m scrutinizing the very professional-looking neckline and seams, thinking about how to improve my technique. I’m happy that you’re realizing career dreams and that you’re willing to share all of it with us. No such thing as cheating. Just doing what you’ve always done – showing us what you’ve sewn(or someone with you) and how you did it. It’s helpful and inspiring.

  8. Sure enjoy your encouraging posts, Rae! And I love the neckline of Clementine’s shirt… Is there a post where you explain how to make the self-bound neck edge? Have considered using FOE…. I think it would work instead of ribbing.

  9. I agree with everyone! First of all, I love the outfit and the colors! Second, I just want to say I have always appreciated your honesty and sincerity when reading your blog. It helps me avoid any thoughts of ‘How come I can’t find the time to sew all those beautiful outfits during naptime’ that can creep up, and I really enjoy the glimpses you give us into the development of your business. I love your blog for the inspiration and sewing knowledge, your patterns and of course, some fun and good writing! Keep sharing your beautiful sewing!

  10. Skirt looks great.. Your posts are an inspiration to me. I made a similar skirt for KCW. This was the first time I participated in KCW and I sew a lot more in a week than I’d have. I had planned for a simple skirt and a pattern to along. Had it not been for KCW it would have taken me months.

  11. Love the bright colors! Don’t waste your time worrying about who sewed what, I wish my employees were more compliant (read: the 5 yr old and 18 mo old would play contently while I sew to my hearts content)! Also as long as you keep putting out patterns that are a breeze to understand and sew all is forgiven 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  12. I just wanted to add the other commenters in saying that I really appreciate your full disclosure. When I first started reading sewing blogs, I constantly wondered how all these other people found the time to make such beautiful garments, let alone photograph them and blog about it. I hope to sew along with KWC (although being in Australia I will be reversing the seasons) next time. This time coincided with my youngest son’s first day of school so I just haven’t had the time.

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