Warming up

OK, first we need to talk about the weather. This past week’s weather has been IN. SANE. My Instagram feed has been full of screenshots showing the current negative degree windchill, or people throwing boiling water out the door and watching it turn instantly into steam (Meg, Emily). It is ridonkulous how cold it’s been outside, so cold that both my kids have had school or preschool canceled for most of the week, bringing this winter break to a full THREE WEEKS for our family due to the fact that E was sick with the flu before break started.


I would love to be one of those parents who says they are “so glad for just a few more days with my kiddo before he goes back to school,” but I’m just not. We have been going bonkers trying to keep the kids entertained without being able to go outside or even anywhere in the car because of the windchill, at the same time trying to get things done around the house as we prepare to move, not to mention work. And while I’m glad I have the ability to step away from blogging or pattern making whenever I want to, I actually love my work, so I’m practically jumping up and down for joy today that the temperature is finally going back up into the 20’s and I can finally be back in my studio redrawing darts for Josephine (our current pattern-in-progress) or cutting out fabric for baby clothes. HOOORRRAAAY!!!

Meanwhile, I’ve got a few knitted projects to show you. It’s been a cold winter so far so while I’ve been stuck inside I’ve been working on making things to keep us warm. That adorable little hat is for our baby that we’re expecting in early April; I made it last week with just a little bit of Purl’s Super Soft Merino yarn and the free Hats for Everyone pattern from the Purl Bee. Not sure it will be wool hat weather by early April, but you never know.


I also made this baby blanket from a free Purl Bee pattern (the Super Easy Baby Blanket) and is now looking a wee bit pilly because Clementine decided it was hers and has been using it as her snuggly blanket for the past couple of months. Also made with Purl’s Super Soft Merino yarn; a bit $$ so I just did five colors instead of the seven (I think?) called for in the pattern.


This cowl is a slight modification of the uber-popular Gaptastic Cowl Pattern — which, hey! is also free! and also garter stitch! — I didn’t have quite enough Super Soft Merino left after the baby blanket so I cast on about 25% less than the recommended stitches and used 2.5 skeins instead of the four it would have taken if I had made it full sized, but I actually like that it hugs my neck pretty closely…definitely makes it warmer. I feel like I’ve been wearing it non-stop for months, inside and out. Shown here with my new blue glasses (whee!):


So now I’m working on a little baby sweater that (so far) is just knit upward in one continuous piece. It was inspired by this little sweater I saw on Pinterest which doesn’t have a pattern but I just made a swatch and did some math and we’ll see what happens. It will have a hood. I also think it needs to have some red or orange buttons, don’t you think?


Now I know some of you are wondering…is this baby a boy or a girl? The hat could go either way (though if you an astute follower of me on Instagram you might already know just because of a comment I made about the color of the pom-pom the other day), the baby blanket has pink in it (though I’ve never hesitated to put Elliot in pink…), and then the sweater is pretty gender-neutral too…hmmm.

Ok, I’ll tell you. It’s a BOY! Fun, right??? We’re so excited to have another baby boy in the family! That also means more BOY SEWING!! I’m already putting together a little list of projects I want to make before he arrives, and freaking out a little that I only have about 12 weeks left before he’s due. And oh yes, we’re moving in two weeks. ACK! *deep cleansing breaths* So anyway, that’s all for now; some whining about the weather and a baby-gender-reveal. You know, like any other day! Over and out!!!

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  1. Congratulations! I’m just cutting out a pair of Parsley Pants and I was wondering if you knew whether you were having a boy or a girl. I have a girl, followed by two boys. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing some of your boy sewing.

  2. Yay! A boy! Congrats to you, Rae and the whole family. This weather has been nuts. I will lose my mind if my kids don’t have school tomorrow! I moved 2 weeks before I had Chloe, so I definitely feel your pain there. Good Luck!

  3. Congrats on baby boy! So fun!
    So I’m just starting my knit blanket from Purl Bee too!
    I’m too cheap to buy new yarn so I pulled 5 balls I already own. I may regret it, but atleast it’s good practice. This will be my first *real* knit item… Fingers crossed!

  4. Oh, a boy! Exciting. I love all the warm things you are making him!

    I’m also freezing, over here in Wisconsin; today’s 15 degrees practically feels warm! To counter-act the cold I’ve been sewing things with fleece…

  5. Congratulations, number one, on another boy!! Yay! I live near Cleveland Ohio and man, I didn’t even want to try the boiling water out the door…too cold!! My son went back to school today! It was a breath of fresh air for the quietness of the day… deep breaths and good luck with the move!

  6. How cool is it that you are having another Boy! You make the cutest boy close. How cool is it that you have another friend named Cristin! I had to read it twice and remember that I don’t knit to realize it was not from me.

  7. a boy! congratulations, Rae! i’m glad you spilled the beans. πŸ™‚

    i have a geranium dress cut and waiting for me. i can’t wait to carve out some time to get to it. πŸ™‚

  8. Oh, congratulations, girl! I love sewing for my little boy: can’t wait to see what you do for the little bugger! Congrats again! XO, your friend πŸ™‚

  9. Oh YESSSSS!!! Another boy for Rae & Co. This is fantastic, now we’re really preggo twinsies, eh?! So exciting. And geez, girl, you’ve been busy with the awesome knitting! It is really the perfect pregnant craft though, for sure. πŸ˜€

  10. Congrats on a boy! Looking forward to seeing how he inspires you! I feel your pain on the weather but probably not quite as acutely since I don’t have small children underfoot.

  11. I moved just past 37 weeks pregnant with my second and it was my easiest move since i and everyone else gave me permission not to do it all.

  12. You certainly are busy! Congratulations on your new addition to your family. We’ve been dealing with -40 degrees Celsius where I live for a prolonged period of time! Our kids still go to school, but they are cooped up all day and all night. It can be trying. Stay warm!

  13. Thats exciting Rae! Congrats again!! We just found out we’re expecting our third in August. We dont find out the sex of our babys, so im excited to see your boy projects (for gender neutral ideas).

  14. Congrats Rae! Just like us, boy-girl-boy! So fun! And I am amazed that you have, not only time to knit, but the capability to “wing it” on a knit sweater. Only you!

  15. Congratulations on another boy! I’m looking forward to the boy sewing projects! πŸ˜‰ Isn’t weather a strange thing? Overhere (Netherlands) it looks like spring insead of winter!

  16. I love boys, they’re for mums, congratulations! Our lovely unusually cool early summer is heating up with a vengence in Melbourne next week with a forecast 5 days of 40 degrees Celsius (100-106F) temperatures from Monday so we’re at the other end of staying at home and inside while we’re enjoying the summer school holidays roll on the snow cones from the Christmas present machine

  17. Congrats on the boy! I’m due in just 5 1/2 week with my first little girl and have been wanting to make a sweater… looked at that pin but it went to a very non english site. How did you know what to knit to create it? I have material and ambition, but definitely couldn’t design something like that to make. Thanks!

  18. Congratulations on the little man! That Supersoft Merino is ADDICTIVE. So fun to work with. I love your projects! And good for you putting boys in pink. Hell yes.

  19. congrats on the boy! So fun. we keep hoping for one over here but I guess we’re just used to making girls! lol! love all the knitting…looks so cozy!

  20. Congrats! I hope you have a wonderful, healthy baby boy!!!
    I am personally excited for more boy projects because those are my favorite. That’s the reason I found your blog in the first place–you are one of the best for coming up with great boy patterns and projects. Thanks!

  21. Aww! Yay for boys! Your knit storm all looks beautiful. We’ve all got cabin fever here and it’s not even cold in Virginia. The kids have lost their damn minds.

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