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One of the things I love about hosting the KNITerviews and doing my own posts on sewing with knits is that I end up finding all sorts of new resources to share. I’m so thrilled with how many people tell me they take the plunge and start sewing with knits after reading something I’ve posted about knit sewing, but I want to point out that there are so many OTHER great places to go for good information on knit sewing too! Here’s a few that you might find interesting or useful:

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Tilly and the Buttons just released a women’s knit sewing pattern, Coco, that looks simple and easy and lovely; it’s available either digitally or in print. She’s also currently doing a series of blog posts all about Knits that you absolutely must check out! This is one of my favorite sewing blogs. I just love how simply she explains everything, and the beautiful colors on her site.

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My friend Deborah of Whipstitch offers an online knit sewing course called Sewing Knits without the serger — if you want to learn from an expert, this is where you should go. The list of topics covered in this course is exhaustive and totally worth the investment. Check out the course description here. Honestly any of Deborah’s eCourses are wonderful if you want to learn more about sewing; you can see them all here. UPDATE: Deborah is offering a discount code for this course! Sign up by March 15th, 2014, and receive 20% off your registration fee with the coupon code MADEBYRAE . Thanks, Deborah!

Heidi of Elegance and Elephants recently posted on Sewing with Knits; I especially like how she talks about determining the amount of stretch (there’s a downloadable stretch chart to help you determine the amount of stretch in a knit fabric). She also included a fantastic knit resource list at the bottom of that post as well!

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Last year sewing blogs One Little Minute and Mad Mim hosted a knit sewing series called “Stretch Yourself” that had some great tutorials, guest projects and pattern reviews on knit sewing, including how to trace and make your own tee; check it out!

Finally, you can follow my Sewing with Knits Pinterest board, where I round up all the random knit resources and tutorials I stumble across, so if you want to see them all in one place, follow my board!

4 thoughts on “On the KNIT sewing radar

  1. I’ve been loving the recent knit posts. I really, really think I’m finally going to try it again. (My first attempts were not terrifying… but also, not so wearable.) I think the stretch thread is going to make the difference!

  2. I made my first Coco last night – go buy this pattern right now, peeps. It is so simple and fun to sew! I managed it in one evening, and am so happy with the results. I can vouch for how clear and informative Tilly’s pattern is. Right down to the way she labels each piece in a jargon free way that makes it obvious how everything fits together and what each notch means.
    I have plenty more Coco dresses and tops planned now…

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