Sewing for baby: adorable kitty outfit


This is definitely a situation where I will admit I went a bit overboard. In retrospect it probably would have been easier to buy an off-white baby outfit and embroider it, but WHY? when I already had this amazingly silky soft organic knit terry I ask you? Why not just make a pair of little tiny drawstring pants, a snap-shoulder tee, and a hat with ears and then add embroidered faces to make it even cuter? WHY NOT?


I was enamored with a couple of baby boy items that I had pinned onto my Baby Boy Pinterest board that have little animal faces stitched onto them and had to try it out. The animal ears/faces on baby stuff trend has been around for quite some time, but there’s something really adorable about the hand-stitched whiskers and nose that I can’t get enough of. Just a sidenote: if you embroider baby items, you may want to attach some little pieces of soft fusible interfacing or fabric to the inside of the items once you’ve finished adding the decorative stitches, to make sure that any knots or threads from the embroidery don’t irritate their sensitive skin.



The shirt and pant patterns were drawn on the fly with only other baby items for reference, the hat pattern you can find a bit more information on here (note: HILARIOUS pics of newborn Clementine in that post), but I added ears and left off the ties of course. I’m going to have to cross my fingers that a) these will fit my little bean RIGHT AWAY and b) that they will all fit at the SAME TIME.


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24 thoughts on “Sewing for baby: adorable kitty outfit

  1. That is so freakin’ cute that my uterus cramped up while I was looking at it! You MUST show pics of the little guy in this outfit when he fits into it.

  2. Love the embroidery on the knees especially – I don’t think i’ve got the neat enough hand sewing to pull something like this off!

  3. That outfit is so fantastic! I love the kitty faces. And those pics of brand new baby Clementine totally made me smile. It’s pretty amazing how her face looks just the same as it did when she was so tiny! I can’t wait to see your new little guy in his outfit!

  4. So cute! And thanks for sharing the tip about fusible interfacing – I had wondered what to do about that as I’d like to add embroidery to some pieces.

  5. Haha, I know the feeling about them all fitting at the same time! Especially hats vs outfits! Fingers crossed.
    I made Bubbaboo a sun hat from scraps of 3-6m BBBP, then I went back and added elastic and a tie to make sure it would fit. Now the pants are
    OK but its still a bit warm to bother with pants and the hat has never been tied and is getting tight :S

  6. I love this outfit so much I can hardly stand it. So adorable!! I feel the urge to sew one up like it for my 5 month old. You *could* have just bought the outfit and embroidered it, but it wouldn’t have been as great. This is fantastic!

  7. Gosh! Darling! I would love a quick pattern for my new little one on the way–kitty face pattern and all!

  8. I love it! It’s simply beautiful. And how I wish stores would sell plain outfits for babies/toddlers – it seems almost impossible to find things that aren’t covered with characters, saying, flowers, etc. – so sometimes making your own is the only way to go! Looks crazy comfy.

  9. Hi Rae! I am pregnant (36 weeks) and my Baby is a Boy. I´ve found a lot of good ideas in your blog. Thanks for sharing :-)!!!!

  10. I’m in love with the little kitty faces on the knees! I think I’ll have to put this on a “this to make for fall” list. My baby girl won’t be born until mid-June so I’ll probably have to wait until September before we would be rocking pants. *sigh*

  11. Where did you buy the adorable little outfit from? I know you sewed the kitty on to it but I absolutely love the outfit and would love to do the same thing. I am having trouble finding on that suits my fancy.

    • Hi Kasey — I made the leggings with my “Just Hatched” leggings tutorial, and the little tee is a baby tee I made myself. It is hard to find off-white or white basics, but I do see them sometimes at Baby Gap — you could try that?

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